August 4th, 2008

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shock, hunger

Situation in a story is making me unable to finish my chapter, which ticks me off.

Two characters just witnessed the murder of their parents (well.. kinda.. but for our purposes, witnessed works). One character is about 16, the other about 13. The 13-year-old is injured - a really bad dog bite to the arm which is roughly bandaged. I figure he's going to be infected and therefore in a fever and mostly unconscious. The girl is physically okay.

They ate the night before, but nothing heavy - a sandwich or two. The girl throws up, probably emptying her stomach, when she wakes up (at dawn, if it helps??). They leave the scene of the murder the next morning.

For the purposes of the plot, I need them miles away before they are forced to stop to get food, medical supplies, etc. If I have to, I can have food conveniently left in the car (they were camping at the time), but it'd be a wierd thing to do in this situation, so I'd rather not.

So.. to get to the question *slaps self* - how long would they be able to go without food? I'm thinking it'd be at least five or six hours before the shock wears off and the girl starts to think, "Hey, I'm hungry." The boy... I would assume I can get away with a day, if he's in a fever. When I was younger I went a day and a half without food when sick, just water occasionally.

Would try to google this, but it's got a lot of variables. And for the record, yes, I know people can SURVIVE a week without food; I just want to know when hunger would begin to be overpowering (for example, causing the girl to not be able to concentrate on driving).

EDIT: The family is planning to stay in a cabin for a week, therefore they moved all of their stuff into said cabin... thanks for the help, though.

African-American Mothers and the Bribery of Children

Early 21st Century.
East St. Louis, IL
30-ish single mother, waitress by day, college by night.
Lives with her 13 year old son at her mother's house.

Sometimes, when my mom wanted me to stop doing something but wasn't getting any results with threats or punishment she'd bribe me with ice cream, money or special privileges. I want to make sure that I'm not attributing a European-American behavior to another culture.

Do African-American parents sometimes bribe their kids too?
Doctor Who -- Confused

Questions about Criminal Investigations and Law

This question has to do with law enforcement and law in general, and I'm hoping that someone on here can help me as I know very little about this and I'm not having a lot of luck with my google skills. I'm describing a crime, and I'm trying to give a description that is as realistic as possible. I've posted my questions behind a cut since it is rather long.

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Age of mafia leader.

Hello there. The story I'm writing about right now is about a group of thieves who accidentally steal from a mafia group. It takes place in the modern day.

The question I'm wondering about is: Is there an official age for someone to become a leader of a mafia group? Or can the leader even be as young as 26?

I tried to look it up and the results I got were usually just about famous mafia groups from long ago, and none of them seemed to answer my question. Help would make me quite the jolly fellow.