July 31st, 2008

SPN: Dodge

Egyptian Food Culture

I am writing a Harry Potter fanfiction story in which two brothers are archaeologists living in Egypt. One of the brothers has lived in Egypt for over a decade, but the other has only been there a year or two. I am currently attempting to write a scene in which the brothers have a business-type meeting with a native Egyptian, also an archaeologist. I am trying to figure out what kind of restaurant the native would take them to and what kind of food would they have (any specific dishes would be helpful, but a specific restaurant isn't necessary as they are in wizarding Cairo and would not be going to a 'muggle' or real-life restaurant)? Would they order individual meals or would the Egyptian order several dishes that they all took portions of? I understand that alcohol is unlikely to be on the menu, but are there any specific teas/drinks they might have instead?

I would be grateful for any help you can give me. I spent a few days on google with this, but google appears to hate me and I can't find anything that isn't tourist-oriented.

Russian terms of semi-enderment and Feminists


so I’ve got a romance on my hands. And the pairing leaves me a lot of questions. Both middle-aged, both a bit world weary/jaded and sarcastic. Anyways, the guy is Russian, (the exact area hasn't been defined/doesn't matter, probably Moscow) and the woman is a new Yorker of Italian heritage, who is getting her doctorate in Women's Studies. What I need is 

1.) Any sorts of "exclamations" the Russian man would say during the hot and heavy. Something along the lines of "God" (except he's an atheistic) or "Please"

2.) I'd like for him to semi-confess his feelings to her, while she's asleep, and for it to be in Russian. But they are not "lovey-dovey" type people so anything like "I love you" or "you have my heart" doesn't ring right. All my googling of "Russian terms of endearment" "love in Russian" "Russian slang" and "Russian dating" have turned up very mushy things or nothing. So I’d like to find something like, "I need you" or "I don't want you to leave" or something like that, followed by "But this won't work." either a link to a translator or an actual translation would be great.

3.) The woman is a very well educated feminist, but not a very, very dramatic bra-burning type one. I'd like to hear from actual feminists about a) clichés about feminists that bother you, or b) things that you feel set you apart from the stereotypical housewife, you know discussions/arguments you've had with friends who don't share your views. I’ve tried searching for a blog like that, but everything I find is very, very political, and I’m looking for more, “this is how I see the world.