July 27th, 2008

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Officers in the Royal Household

Time and Setting: Restoration England (more specifically, 1671-1672)
Searched: Googled various strings about the duties of royal court officers, searched through Wikipedia's category on positions within the royal household, and looked through R.O. Bucholz's Office Holders in Modern Britain.

I know that what I'm looking for is probably in one of the above resources, but I'm either blind or daft, because I can't find it. When the royal court was on the move...say the king wanted to go to Newmarket or from Whitehall to Hampton Court or Richmond or Windsor...which department in the royal household was responsible for dealing with the headache of arranging the journey and accommodations for everyone at court who was traveling with the king?

In Bucholz's book, it mentions a department of transport and says that the knight harbinger(s) were responsible for arranging the day-to-day accommodation during the journey, but I'd like to know who the senior official is...I'm unsure if it would be the Lord Steward's headache or that of the Master of the Horse...or perhaps I'm way off in left field and it's someone else entirely. Also, does anyone have a hunch when it comes to figuring out how the organizer knew which people needed accommodations? Did courtiers have to submit paperwork to someone saying in effect, "Yes, I'm planning on traveling with the king to ______, reserve me a room"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Japanese names

This has driven me up the wall for quite some time. I can find sites that tell me my name in kanji, but I'm not looking for a transliteration. Typing in, say, Kiyoshi, into these Japanese Name Creators does nothing since, lo and behold, I should already know because that name is Japanese!

I'd like to know, just for the sake of realism, what my characters' names would be if they were written in the native tongue. I've found a few sites like this one that gives me a list of basic kanji, but there are a lot of ones that you would never name a child and it's just too damn hard to sift through all of them to find suitable characters. Furthermore, I know that the government only allows parents to use certain characters in names. I can't find a list of this on the internet at all, and I worry that if I could, it wouldn't matter anyway since there would be no translations or how the kanji is pronounced.

And lastly, the number of strokes matter in a name. I can't find a guide on Japanese numerology either. Even if I found the above, it still could be out of whack since the number of strokes means her future husband will be critically injured and her children will be deformed. I know it's not completely necessary to know this since some people don't care anymore, but I'd like to know regardless. I'm assuming I won't be able to find this out unless I consult a real fortune-teller, but hey. This is the internet. Maybe there's hope?

I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I'm not sure where else I might go for this info (there are LJ communities on here, but most are anime- or tourism-related, or simply hangouts for Japanese people. Since I figure 99% of them are laymen, and quite a few of you are knowledgeable, you'd be the better choice.) Any links or help whatsoever would be very appreciated!

Japanese name check

I'm in need of some opinions.

My japanese character's first name is Yuki and for the most part the other characters use -chan, her first name or surname but I need a affectionate nickname for one of the males to use. I'm leaning towards chama (it works for the character and the situation involved) as either an affix or mesh but I'm wondering which works better Yuki-chama or Yuchama/Yu-chama.

mental disorder, hospitals, orphan, juvenile criminal law/sentences, suspected child abuse

This is going to be set in the late '90s (1998-1999) in the USA, unspecified city/state (can be chosen if absolutely necessary, but I'd prefer to leave it vague)

Googled various combinations of 'possession of unregistered/illegal firearms' 'minors/criminal justice system/juvenile law' 'arson charges/ arson charges minors' wiki'd juvenile criminal law and gun laws in the united states. I got some useful information from that but a lot of what came up on google was news reports and what got in depth went over my head or wasn't applicable. For the rest, I don't really know where to start and could use recommendations for better ways to search for the needed information as well as any information anyone could provide on the subjects.

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I know it's a lot of questions but ANY information on any of it would be very, very helpful to me. I'm in way over my head and I know it.
Wall-E fire extinguisher

Rehabilitation after gunshot wound

What I've searched: I've read the Wikipedia articles on gunshot wounds, pneumothorax, and hemopneumothorax, plus a few others that seemed related, and I've Googled combinations of "rehab after gunshot wound," "lung gunshot wound," "gunshot wound lung hospital stay," etc. I'm finding out a lot about interesting gunshot cases, and about how to immediately treat a gunshot wound, but not what I want to know. I don't have a current university affiliation, so I can't go poking around Wiley Interscience for fun academic articles.

Setting: Present day United States, Chicago.

Setup: Male cop, late twenties, is shot in the chest by a handgun. The bullet strikes him a few inches away from his heart, nicks a rib and goes into his lung, fragmenting on the way. He starts to go into shock. His partner manages to get him to the hospital in short order, where he's put in surgery, given a tube thoracostomy, and the bullet fragments are removed.* He's put on a respirator for a little while, but taken off it shortly after surgery.

*(From what I've read, sometimes the surgeons can opt to not remove bullets, but having bullet fragments in the lung didn't seem like a good idea. Correct me if this is inaccurate.)

My question: If everything goes well, according to my research, he can be out of the hospital in a week. However, I didn't find a lot of information beyond that, besides that it will take a while for him to make a full recovery. What's the procedure for that recovery? Will he need to go to the hospital for physical therapy? Will he just need to stay pretty much immobilized for a while, and if so, how long? If everything goes smoothly, about how long before he's allowed to go back to work full-time? I realize that every case is different, but still, there has to be some kind of general time frame on this sort of thing.

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