July 25th, 2008

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I have werewolves. As well as biting, lycnathropy in their universe can be transmitted pretty much the same way as AIDS can - sexually, via blood transfusions, and from the mother's blood while in utero. Even if you're infected as a child or from birth, though, it doesn't manifest until puberty.

For girls, this is simple enough - their first transformation comes with the full moon following their first period.
I'm not entirely sure what would be an equivalent marker for boys, though. Most of the pubertal changes I can think of for boys are pretty gradual. The best thing I can think of is "first ejaculation/wet dream" - would this make sense as happening around the same point as girls get periods?

(I realise I sound incredibly dumb for not knowing this, but...sex-segregated PHSE lessons, all I ever got taught in any great detail was FEMALE puberty. I have googled combinations of boys, male, puberty & adolescence, but I'm still not entirely clear as to what starts happening at puberty and what just starts to happen more - the sites are mostly geared to boys, who know what their bodies are doing pre-adolescence)
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Horseback riding with amputated hands

Hello! New to this community and slowly making my way back through the archives - so many useful questions and answers! Here's one of mine to start with, hehe.

Setting: Fantasy world, medieval technological level in most areas, magic, but it's not helpful here

Googled hand amputation horseback riding, medieval prosthetics, hands free horse riding, etc etc. Wikipedia on amputations. Made the mistake of image-searching amputations. Found some good things on amputations in general, and some interesting iron hands, but not quite what I'm looking for regarding horseback riding, as therapy riding would of course involve help.

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Thanks a lot for any help you can give!

ETA: Looks like he'd be able to manage pretty well after all. Thanks!

hermit's end

Okay. I have a character. He's single, and is pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a hermit -- has acquaintances, but no real true friends. He's the only child of two deceased only children. He's about as alone in the world as it's possible to get.

He's just been in a car accident. He's in a coma, with very little chance of coming back to himself.

Yeah, doesn't sound like the plot for much of anything, but still. That's what's going on.

He has a will. Everything is to go to charity. He has a living will, but because he has no one he knows well enough to give the authority to execute it, and so hasn't given a durable medical power of attorney to anyone, it's pretty much just a piece of paper. Is there anything else he could have done to insure his wishes are carried out, short of finding someone to carry them out for him ahead of time?

Who makes the decisions for him? Who decides when or if they pull the plug? And what happens if he keeps breathing afterwards? His living will says DNR, and no prolonged lifesaving measures, but who carries these directives out? Or do they not get carried out because he has no one to tell the doctors to do it?

I've googled living will and power of attorney, but all they say is that you must find someone ahead of time, which doesn't help, because he literally doesn't have anyone.


ETA, and profound apologies: Washington state, USA

Second ETA: All the answers, in spite of the "short of finding someone ahead of time" line in the original question, seem to be revolving around the absolute necessity of having to find someone, whether it's someone he knows or a professional of some sort. So I guess I should take this to say that no matter what, he can't just put his desires down on paper, file and/or register them somewhere official/keep them on his person, and rely on whoever winds up dealing with him after he's incapacitated carrying them out. That there has to be someone assigned to that job beforehand. Drat. Oh, well, it was a thought...
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Small Industry...

Maybe some of you have information for this...

My fic is in need of small, modern day industry, preferably factory oriented, that would require less than 50 people to operate. Something with a corresponding union would be helpful but not necessary. I've been googling factories, small industries, small businesses, and unions, but so far am drawing a blank to the sort of thing I need.

If it helps, the location is a fair sized city, with a sea port, somewhere in New England.

Even ideas for Google searches are welcome, as I'm totally drawing a blank.


Racism in Ireland

Setting: Ireland; more specifically, the Connaught province, but methinks I need more research into this to specify further.
Time: Modern
I Googled: "racism in ireland," "irish racism," "black culture in ireland," various corruptions thereof.

My character is the adopted son of two Irish humanitarians. We'll call him... Adam for now. He's technically Kenyan, though I never think of him as such, since he was only a few months old when he left. He likes long walks on the beach, superheroes, and since it is generally not possible to become a superhero in the real world, he wants to be a cop because that's the next best thing.

The first thing Google has told me is that racism is sadly still going strong in his country. Search up the third and you'll read some very scary testaments to it (a lot of it comes down to, "Ireland is for Irish people. If you are not white, get the hell out of my country. Insert cussing and slurs here." There, I've probably just saved you from a few rage-induced aneurysms.) But for all the hate on the internet the Nigerian mayor has going for him for no reason aside from the fact that he came from Nigeria--I can't find any accounts of racism in real life. Generally people allow themselves to be ruder on the internet because it gives them a certain degree of anonymity; they might not be so overtly hateful off message boards because they have their reputations at stake. But they might voice it too. I don't know, I've never been.

Here in Canada, in my city, it's very subtle. If someone is intolerant, they will simply ignore the person, shoot them disgusted glances or stare, but making your irrational hatred very public is so frowned upon it would be an incredibly stupid idea to do it. Something tells me that is not so in Ireland. little_details, what is the style of racial bigotry there? What might Adam be subjected to over the years, in school, on the bus, walking down the street? Could his race possibly be a roadblock in following his dream? What's the magnitude of what he might encounter, and how widespread is this, really? Messageboards don't represent the entirety of the population, after all.
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Law Enforcement Restrictions

Time: Modern Day
Setting: California 
Searched: Google, but I couldn't come up with anything specific.  Also called my brother (rookie city cop - although not in California) to ask him, but he didn't answer his phone.  :D

Hello all!  I've got a question about restrictions on law enforcement officers in California.  I have a character who is a detective for the Santa Barbara police department.  He goes to a different city (still California) on vacation and witnesses/gets involved in a crime being committed there.  My question is would he have the authority to shoot or arrest or do any of the police things he would normally do if he caught someone committing a horrible crime?  What if he was forced to pull his gun on/shoot the person in self defense or in defense of another -- is he allowed to do that sort of thing in such an extreme situation, would he get in any sort of trouble (investigations, etc.)? 

I hope that question makes at least a little sense.  Thanks in advance!