July 19th, 2008


Alternative tournament challenges with horses

Typical fantasy feudal setting.
I'm working on creating a brutal multi event athletic competition that also tests the military combat skills of squire candidates but I need an equestrian event that is not a joust as this fictional world's culture does not do that. The focus should be on the rider's skills not the animal's training; it really shouldn't be a case of the horse does all the work. Just to increase the difficulty they are given random horses to use rather than their own.
I could medievalize a modern sport but I only know them as a living room spectator(pretty horsies!) and have no clue how to judge what ones would work for this. Could be either solo or team event maybe both. Straight racing is out as is chariots.
Winners Wear Red

A king's wedding night- Servants and Bodyguards

Ok i've done searches for "Medieval wedding ceremonies" "Medieval wedding ceremonies nobility" "Medieval wedding ceremonies  aristocracy" "Medieval wedding ceremonies king" "Medieval wedding nights" (And again with the various  suffixes used on the above searches)  and  "privacy kings middle ages"

I came up with two pretty good sites.

Suggesting that for  the medieval nobility privacy was pretty much a no no. I'd assume that's pretty much the same  during the renaissance, but I'd love it if anyone could confirm . Basically I want to know if  a renaissance king is likely to have bodyguards and servants in the room with him on his wedding night.

I will likely be taking some artistic licence. (For instance at least some of my countries will not be sending their children away to manage their own households) but I'd like to know what i'm discarding.

Thanks in advance people.
Evil Manifest

Hospital name seen or heard

Oops! Edited out a couple chapters that were dead weight and lost one important fact that I now need to shoehorn in to a previous chapter.

Where would someone (in this case a 4 year old) who is in either a general burn ward either read (not preferred-he's only 4) or hear (if possible) the name of the hospital he's a patient of, assuming he had only been in the bed of his own room, moving through the halls on a gurney for treatment, and in treatment rooms? I need to convey that he's not where expected, even though it's not something he'll be thinking about.


Time: 1990s
Place: Manchester, England
Googled: None - couldn't think of an appropriate search

ETA: Answered!