July 17th, 2008

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Children's car seats and passengers in a Ford car

Where: The UK, non-specific town.
When: Now.
What I've searched: Combinations of car seats, rear passenger, comfortable seating, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion.

Mr and Mrs Smith are out for a drive with their toddler and young baby in the back of their car (which I'm imagining is a Ford Focus or Fusion, if that makes a difference). Both are in car seats. It's not a nice day so when they see a friend passing by they want to offer them a lift.

Would the friend be able to sit comfortably between the two car seats?

Cherry orchards of San Leandro, CA

When: Great Depression-1930s
Where: San Leandro, CA

My character grew up in San Leandro, California, during the Great Depression. I have a small but recurring dream/memory meant for him, about him running through the cherry orchards of the city, once during the blooming season, one during harvest time.

I've read up on the Cherry Festival and on various websites from San Leandro about the city's cherry industry in the early 20th century, but I haven't been able to find the locations and extent, let alone the names, of the orchards themselves. Despite spending my college years in San Francisco and Castro Valley, San Leandro was mostly a BART station and a marina to me.

It's just a dream sequence based on memory for the now-grown young man (same one I asked about earlier re: dishonorable discharge and Bakersfield), but I would like to be able to name-drop actual orchards, streets, landmarks, or other details. (Especially what cultivar of cherry was being grown at the time. Was it already Bing?)

Also, who harvested cherries in the time period--Mexican migrants, Okies, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, all of the above?

Searched: City of San Leandro website, San Leandro Cherry Festival, "San Leandro cherry orchards"
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studying history in Japan

Setting: Japan, preferably the Kobe-Kyoto-Osaka region. Tokyo info is welcome too.
Time period: contemporary

I'm having a total Google block. If a student wanted to study (Japanese or general) history in Japan, which universities would be recommended? My searches keep coming up with American schools studying Japanese history, the history *of* the schools, or general websites which don't say anything about reputation. I suspect I'm not wording it correctly. Collapse ) Thanks!

Untraceable Mobile Phone

Time: Contemporary
Setting: USA

Okay, so person A has person B's cellphone number. Person A can't call person B's cellphone from his own cellphone for fear of having his identity tracked. What options are available? How easy would it be to get a mobile phone that wouldn't have a paper trail that lead to you? I know how prepay setups and such work, I'm just not 100% sure of what you'd have to hand over to get one. On an (unfortunately English, making its usefulness dubious) site, someone suggested driving to another city and paying someone to get you the phone so you don't appear on store cameras? Are there any flaws in this plans? Would the person have to hand over name and info to get the phone? Or are there simpler methods?

Google terms:
untraceable mobile phone
disposable mobile phone
prepaid mobile phone