July 16th, 2008


Gun Model for a Target Shooter -turned- Secret Agent

Setting: Near future, Britain

My character is the leader of a secret society in near-future Britain. Although I know Britain has severely restrictive gun laws that would make obtaining this weapon near-impossible, the setting has magic and he's a law-abiding US citizen, so he could get his hands on one , smuggle it in, and keep it hidden with little to no difficulty.

His backstory has him being a world-class pentathlete, so he's obviously familiar with target shooting using a pistol. I need help finding a gun that would suit his needs:

- small/concealable
- accurate

Any other concerns (silencing, for example) I can use magic to take care of. It's mostly going to be used for intimidation, occasional sneak shots to trip up opponents/disable their wand arm. I don't really know where to begin here since I haven't gotten to the shooting part of my personal goal of being proficient in the pentathlon sports :)

ETA: so our unrealistic hero is going to be keeping an M1911 on hand for special occasions. Thanks!
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Reasons for leg weakness

Hello, all! My first post to the community - what a fabulous place this is.

My story (original) is set in modern-day England, with magical-realism type stuff going on. My main character is a woman who used to dance contemporary, but has suffered some sort of injury or something that has made her legs weak; thus, it's impossible for her to dance any more, even though she can still walk around a bit if helped. Do you have any idea of what sort of illness/injury could cause something like this? I know that there are people who are born with weak legs, but how could such a thing happen to a 26-year-old? I'd prefer it to be something not necessarily related to dance practice, something that she couldn't have done anything about.

I've tried googling "leg weakness", "leg weakness injury", "leg paralysis", and I've looked on Wikipedia for paralysis and related conditions. As I have little knowledge of medicine, however, I'd really appreciate your suggestions - I don't want to have my character suffering from anything utterly unrealistic and ridiculous. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thanks guys, I think I've found what I need. Now it's just a matter of choosing from your brilliant suggestions. Lovely to get replies so fast!
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London suburb

This is really a little detail, one line only, but I need the name of an English location, preferably close to London, where it would be highly implausible and thus humourous to find a druid temple. The characters are in Romford (yes, it's a Darkplace fic, oh god my brain it hurts) and so if it was somewhere in that area, it would be great, but elsewhere is fine as long as the comedic value is high. The sentence is something like "I happened to stumble upon an ancient druid temple in ______." (I don't need info about historical Druids or the likelihood of anyone actually finding a 'druid temple' - it's a parody comedy, it's meant to be completely ridiculous ;)

I've Googled for "london suburbs" and so on, but I think this might be the kind of thing an actual Brit would be better at determining the relative humour of, rather than just me picking a name off a list.

ETA: Thanks for all the suggestions, I clearly have plenty to choose from :)