July 12th, 2008

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1900s carnival rides/misc questions

Setting: 1900s (turn of the century) USA, very small traveling carnival/freak show
Googled: carnival rides, traveling carnival rides, carnival rides 1900s, carnival, freak show

My story is set in roughly the late 1890s-early 1900s, right around the turn of the century, in a very small traveling carnival/freak show. While I know plenty about the freak show side, I'm having a bit of trouble with the carnival side of it.

What rides were available for traveling carnivals in that time period? While I've been able to figure out rides did exist, I can't find anywhere that says what they were. I do know ferris wheels existed then, but do you think a small carnival (think less than 20 members) in horse-drawn wagons, would have a ferris wheel?

I'm also a bit foggy on what they would charge in the 1900s. What was the price of entertainment then? Would a penny an act/ride/etc be too cheap?

Names meaning "trickster" or "trickery".

Hello. I'm trying to find a girl's name that means "trickster" or "trickery", or anything close to that for a character in my story.

I tried looking and the only name I came up with so far was Leah. It's a good name, but I just don't think it fits her personality.

Can you help me by giving me a list of girl's names meaning anything close to "trickery", or maybe even a webpage of names like that? Thank you so much. :D

Iori Wishes

Namesakes in Japan, bases in Latin

A question on names, a question on Latin.

A) What do the Japanese think of namesakes? For example, if a person had a brother named Osamu who died when he was a boy, would it be socially acceptable of him to name one of his sons Osamu as well? I haven't been able to find anything on the subject, but my instincts say no. I'd like confirmation, maybe.

B) I have a villain with three bases - you know, as in headquarters, base of operation, that kind of thing. He names his bases after their location (underwater base = Sea Base), but in Latin (he's 14 and thinks it's really clever, what can I do). So how would Ground Base, Air Base and Sea Base translate to Latin?
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Convicts' daily routine in American penitentiaries

In present day, American penitentiaries, what is the typical schedule of an inmate, including start and end times? Would this differ to a convict in ad seg/solitary waiting on death row and if so, how?

I've searched all manner of 'American penitentiary convict daily schedule' but found nothing, surprisingly. :(