July 11th, 2008

Eros dwelling in destruction

Purchasing Naughty Postcards

Setting: Around 1912 in Paris, France.
Google: "Purchase postcards 1900s", "postcards france", & variety of combinations.

Where on earth would one go to buy 'scandalous' postcards? Not out-and-out filth, mind you, but photos à la those of Miss Fernande. Knowledge of a bit before/after the time period would do fine, as I imagine I no one would be jarred out by the mistake, but I really haven't the slightest inkling.
Thanks in advance if you can help with this!

Telephones in the 1930s

Setting: Los Angeles, CA around 1935
Googled: phones + 1930s, telephones + 1930s

My character is frantically trying to look for his friend, who is out somewhere in the city, but he doesn't know where. They are both young men, early twenties, working at an animation studio. My character doesn't have a car, and during this period obviously people don't have cell phones...but I'm still not very clear on what would have been the best ways to contact other individuals. How common was it to own a telephone? Would phoning someone be considered an effective way of contacting them in an emergency (like his home, or any restaurants he might have been at)? What other methods would have been considered effective, if any, of finding somebody?

Thanks in advance for the help! =D