July 8th, 2008

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A pretty short post, but it's been irking me all day since I can't find anything. Here it goes.

Of the Rolls-Royce Phantom series, the Phantom IV is the rarest. Only 18 cars were made, exclusively given out to royalty or heads of state... And I want an extremely rich secretive family from my story to own one. The problem is, there's lists of who the cars originally belonged to, but I can't find anything on who owns the cars now.

From what I've gathered, there's one that belong to Queen Elizabeth but was put up/is on auction, at least two owned by private business men, (three for Spain's king if Wikipedia can be trusted), and one that was used for testing and was destroyed. So far, I haven't been able to find anything concerning the other ones.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the current status of the Phantom IVs, whether they're all still account for or whether a couple have been lost over the past 50 years. It would be good if there was at least one lost since then I won't have to much explaining. If there aren't, then I'll probable have to invent something dealing with the a secret switch of the one that was destroyed by the company or something not lame.

Googled: rolls-royce phantom iv, phantom iv, "phantom iv" & (missing, lost, long lost, registered, accounted for, unaccounted, owners, ownership, current, current history, present day, and a bunch of other words that I searched for first but were so far back that I can't find them on my history and can't remember them to save my life... which really irks me now that I can't think of them... *pounds brain*)
Bleach: Ura Questioning

Would your hair blow in outer space?

When: Distant future. We're talking 2-3 thousand years in the future.

Where: Somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy, on an intergalactic ship designed to "catch" comets and random space anomalies to harvest them for energy.

Searched: "does hair blow in space", "wind in space", "air in space", "velocity in space", and I looked up random articles about space travel and space physics.

On this ship there are people who go up onto a pad of sorts on the ship where they "wrangle" the comets and such with something akin to lassos (this piece is something like a wild west space adventure). Since this is the future, i've made it so that the characters don't have to wear huge helmets to stand out in space without dying. Hence their heads are free of obstruction.

A character gets up onto this pad and is in a specially designed suit and he gets out his "lasso" while the ship is still moving to keep up with the pace of the comet...

Since his head is free of any outside material, and the ship is moving, would his hair blow back from his face? Or since there is very little air in space would it not? I don't know enough about physics to make a guess.

Thanks in advance everyone! I know you won't let me down!

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Ummm... This is a little nit-picky, but a while ago, I read a quote that went something to the effect of "I have bursts of being a lady, but they usually don't last long," and I think it was by someone named Shelby or Shelly Walton, but I want to be certain who said it, and the exact phrasing before I try to actually use the quote.... So, if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.

Already googled: Shelly Walton+quotes, Shelby Walton+quotes, quotes+bursts of being a lady, "I have bursts of being a lady, but they usually don't last long," Shelly Walton+being a lady, Shelby Walton+being a lady

Fantasy world, technology but not all technology

Q: I am dealing with a low-magic fantasy world, which has had to step up it's technology due to the lack of magic and the influx of a number of intelligent people. The world has access to almost everything we have. The catch is that combustion and electricity do not work. So this nation of half a million gifted people, who start at a near rennaisance period (minus guns) has had 200 years to work on their technology, minus anything having to do with combustion or engineering. Furthermore, there are no fossil fuels including coal and gasoline.

edit: Thanks so far. What we have determined is that some combusstion occurs, but not useful combustion.. There are no fossil fuels (as there are no dinosaurs, ancient plants, etc.). Wood burns to make fire, but there is no coal. Furthermore, while natural electricity is present (such as in the human body or lightning), it is impossible to harness. (an explanation why it COULD be impossible to harness it would also be appreciated, better to have some reason than "no one has thought of it". perhaps we can play with the rules of conductivity a bit?)

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I know there's a colloquial term for when someone has eyes of different colour, but can't track it down. Preferably opprobrious - my character is talking about the Emperor Anastasius in a very uncomplimentary manner, and as spoken Greek of the time could be as vulgar as Vulgar Latin, the English term I need to use also needs to be slangy. UK for preference, but all contributions gratefully accepted.

Terms searched for were combinations of eye colour, mismatch, variation, terms, colloquialism, slang (checked out mosaicism but no colloquialisms there!)

ETA: thanks to all for heterochromia, but "that heterochromic bastard" doesn't have the right ring somehow! For further information, I have unbounded admiration for Anastasius, but my character detests him because he started off his reign (in fact, it was a major factor in his being made Emperor) as apparently Orthodox but has recently been emerging as a Monophysite. And this is, after all, the Eastern Empire in the late 5th century.