June 25th, 2008

Gonorrhea (post contains links to adult/disturbing content)

I'm looking for really toe-curling, in-depth description here, and while I can find excellent symptom lists, they're missing a few details. Collapse )

I've checked Wikipedia, the CDC, and the little_details community tags, specifically stds and medicine: misc. I also Googled: gonorrhea, gonorrhea symptoms, gonorrhea story, have gonorrhea, had gonorrhea, gonorrhea folk remedy, gonorrhea medieval treatment, gonorrhea + middle ages...

If anyone reading this had personal experience and was brave enough to lend me their answers, they could certainly just tell me they asked their friend, and I'd assume it was true because who needs to lie on the Internet? :) These hypothetical people could e-mail me hypothetical answers at csinmanPIKACHU at gmail dot com, without the PIKACHU.

1970s Fireworks Laws

I have researched fireworks laws for the state of Tennessee for the current time, but does anyone here remember if fireworks were legal in Tennessee in the 1970s? I passed through the state in the mid-1990s and the highways were flanked with bright signs advertising fireworks; would they have been in the late 70s as well? Thanks!
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uneven female gender distribution in a population

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for a way to make a population mostly male, roughly 3:1 or 4:1 males to female. Preferably I was looking for some way to make births be mostly male, or the inability to carry a female child to term. Some disease that takes out females but not males at a young age could be used as well.

I have essentially been looking for a sex linked genetic defect which can be fatal, but most of them are exclusively male. This will have to be something that can turn up rather abruptly (in about 20-30 years) so that the entire population is not wiped out by time the story takes place. Parasites, atmospheric conditions, pretty much anything that might affect females but not males would be useful. A combination might even work.

I'm not sure if there is actually a way to do this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Something could be created, but I would prefer something with an actual basis.

Setting: roughly late 19th century/ early 20th century equivalent for the US. The technology includes x-rays, and basic (but crude) surgical procedures, but no designer drugs or understanding of genetics or disorders above the fact that they can be passed on from parent to child. Leaches are still in popular use for doctors.

googled/wikipedia: "sex linked defects" "female sex linked defects" female sterility" "gender gradients" "gender population" "gender distribution" "female infertility" "intersexuality" "females in population" Anything I missed feel free to tell me.
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Overdose Suicide that didn't quite work - what happens next?

The Setting: modern-day, semi-surreal, non-existant American city (no specific region).

Places I've already looked: various wikipedia pages (suicide methods, overdose, analgesic, suicide, the manual of suicide, etc), all over suicidemethods.net, the tags of little_details.

The Question: What it says in the subject line.

I've got a depressed character who makes an attempt at suicide - takes a huge lot of pills (the type is up in the air, can be fiddled with), vomits most of them up & goes unconscious & is found & hospitalized.

He tries this on New Year's (he's found pretty much at the stroke of midnight), and I'd like if another character could talk to him (well, yell at him) on Jan. 5th, in his own room. (I presume he would be bedridden at the time.)

So ... what would I be looking at in the way of how he is at the time of the conversation? Physically? I know it probably depends a lot on the types of pills and etc, but again, that is a detail I can go back and fix once I know what I'm looking for. (Also possible to jsut leave it unanswered.) Mentally? I know that depends on his character, and I've got an idea of how he would act, but any help you can give me I'd appreciate hugely.

Thanks in advance, you guys!


When: nowadays
Where: high-school USA (Forks, Washington state)
What: Acceptable and non-acceptable music.

My character is English, 17 (comes from 1994 if it helps, but has been brought up to date) moves from Cardiff to Forks.

Which groups and/or kinds of music are deemed non-acceptable for a highschooler in the USA?
It's mostly impossible to google this, and I can't base this on my experience (people don't care about what you're listening, some kinds of music i.e. Marylin Manson are associated with teen ages and don't raise as much controversy as in the USA)

EDIT: thanks a lot for putting me back on the right track (and for the artists and groups I didn't knew and will look into)
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St. Paul's Cathedral, London


I'm writing a crime story that takes place this year in various places in Europe, one of them London. I'm looking for details about St. Paul's Cathedral in London for an advent that takes place there. I have searched quite extensively (Google, Wiki, going through the official site and read quite a few articles about the place, plus several travel blogs. I've even gone throught he books I could find about London in the library. I am a librarian and hope I know what I'm doing but if you can suggest something I haven't tried I'd much appreciate it) and found many pieces of information but not what I need.

Basically I need answers to two questions:

1) When going up to the Whispering Gallery is there a door in front of the stairs downstairs that could be locked or would there only be a rope closing off the area if needed? I understand you have to pay a fee to be allowed up the stairs but if you planned to sneak up while it's closed for renovations or something, could you?

2) According to several pictures of the gallery there are doors all around. Are they all open or are they usually locked? Whether they are open or not, do they all lead back to the staircase to get back down? I'm guessing by a hall then but I could obviously be wrong.

I haven't been able to find anyone mentioning these things, probably because they're too busy talking about the magic of the whispers, rather than the doors and stairs, lol

This is the first time posting to this community so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried to search the archive but couldn't find anything about this.
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Affordable rent

Hey guys, first time trying this out. I need to know what the current average price would be for renting a three story house in a small historical community in New Jersey. My fic is situated in Frenchtown, New Jersey, and what I've dug up gives me prices ranging from $1300 to $1800 a month. I need to know how expensive/non-expensive this would be considered by an average person.

My 2 characters have low income (bartender, mechanic, small shop salesman, that sort of job) and are in need for a place to settle down, but the only rental choices I can find are within that range of prices. I don't know if that would be something affordable. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

TV shows of the 1980s/90s with POV voice-over narration

I have two characters discuss US TV shows of the 1980s and 1990s that are similar to contemporary shows like Sex and the City, Scrubs or Desperate Housewives in terms of having one character narrate the events seen on the screen with his or her personal POV. Unfortunately, I just can't think of any good examples, so I'm hoping for further ideas.

I've already googled the keywords from my subject line, went through lists of TV shows of that period on Wikipedia and done an IMDB keyword search, but all of that didn't come up with anything I didn't know already and it's difficult to judge when you're not 100% familiar with the show.

So far, the only really fitting example I could think of was "The Wonder Years". I was also considering "Quantum Leap", "Star Trek" or "Dukes of Hazzard", but neither of those really have a POV narration but rather just a voice-over commentary, so that's not perfect either. It's just important that it has this sorta personal, reflective quality to it.

I know this is a bit strange, but maybe you guys have an idea! Thanks!

Edit to add: Actually, shows older than that would be fine too! At this point I'm taking anything I can get! >.>;

Victorian Era Fabric

Hello everyone! I'm a seamstress and am planning out a lady's maid outfit for a friend. The dress should be reasonably authentic to the mid 1860s. Since the dress I'll be wearing is a solid colour (purple with black trim) I thought it would be nice to make my friend's dress in some sort of print, and she said she'd like it to be a fairly light blue. I've googled 'Victorian fabric print costume' and any combination of those terms. I haven't found anything specific on what kinds of prints would have been available. I know there was plaid, and I'm reasonably sure they had stripes as well as calico and so on, but I want specifics. Photos of Victorian dresses/fabrics would be ideal, but a good description would do the trick. So my main questions are:

Prints: what kind of patterns would they be in? Floral? Geometric? What colours?
Stripes: how wide should the stripes be? What colours?

I'm not overly concerned that every detail must be OMG perfect, but I want it to at least pass the five foot test. If it makes a difference, my persona is a young, middle class widow and has one maid (my friend). That's pretty much all I know about our personas so far; I haven't even decided which country they're from (but most likely somewhere in North America). I also want our dresses to look nice when we're standing together, so here's a WIP pic of my gown so far, in case that matters.

Thanks in advance!

Recreational Aviation For Dummies

I'm planning to write a Birds of Prey fanfiction in which a teenaged girl has to pilot a recreational aircraft after the pilot is incapacitated. (A long time ago, I read a novel along those lines, where a migrating goose crashed though the windshield. I can work with that.)

I've tried googling recreational aviation and recreational aviation for dummies, but I'm getting info that's a bit too technical for me.

Although the story is set in the present day US, my pilot learned how to fly fighter planes during WWII--which will probably influence her choice of craft, although in canon she's been shown as able to fly anything. So, while I'd like to give her a craft which would have controls similar to something she might have cut her teeth on, I can be flexible. My only requirement is that the cockpit seat two people.

Basically, I'm trying to determine what sort of plane to use, and what quirks the craft might have. If my teen radios for help, what sort of instructions might someone give if they're trying to talk her down?

I realize that I probably need a "big_details" community for this, but a search for lj communities came up empty, too.

Thanks in advance!