June 21st, 2008


Winter Funeral Complications in Maine

I'm writing a short story about a funeral director in Maine. I am originally from Florida and I'm curious about a few things. I'm trying to determine how much impact the whole winter thing would have on a funeral director in either Maine or New England in general. I have found some allusions to "winter storage" and I remember a coworker mentioning a burial had needed to be delayed until Spring for a relative who had died elsewhere in New England.

My questions:
Is it usual to delay the burial? Are there other options? Would a Maine native take this as understood, or possibly be surprised? Finally, are there other euphemisms, jokes, etc that refer to the problems of burying people in Winter?

Many thanks for any and all assistance.

19th century rooms (possibly in Denmark?), or rather, to be honest: Kierkegaard's room

Hi there :)

I am currently painting a rather smallish painting which is set in a room in the 1840ies in Copenhagen, Sören Kierkegaard's room. I hope it doesn't matter that it is a painting and not something written.

I hope that helps, it' s either in (pictures are huge) this house, or maybe this one.

I want to know about the
-floor (maybe some dark parquet?)
-wall covering/ pannelling

I know about the furtniture, only (caution, huge again :) ) this desk and this cupboard and another small table will be viewable.

I' ve looked through the communities tags and tried LJ search but didn't find anything. I googled, of course, things like "biedermeier rooms", "19th century floor", "19th century room"-- you get the idea. I also flipped through some history books, but couldn't really find anything.. Pictures would be appreciated but are not necessary, just anything you know, I would be so grateful. Everything you know doesn't exactly have to be about the 40ies, everything around that time anywhere in northern Europe is fine because I found nothing and am worried that I will make huge mistakes, haha.

Thanks in advance :D