June 19th, 2008


Changes in a person's handwriting

This is a bit of an odd question, I guess. I tried googling various combinations of handrwriting, changes in handwriting over time and partial blindness.

-How much would someone's handwriting change in four years? I want it to be similar enough to Character A's old handwriting so that the recipient, Character B, is surprised to see it, but dissimilar enough for B to eventually dismiss it as someone else's writing. If that makes sense.

Things I got from google- Alcohol. Obviously that would change how you write, but I'd rather not have A get drunk to write the letter. It's meant to be a heartful apology.

Changing it on purpose- Not really what I'm looking for but I could work with it.

Partial blindness- A had an accident and is mostly blind in one eye. I'm sure this would affect handwriting but I got nothing except lots of stat tables and unhelpful sites.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: Thanks everyone, I have my answer now. :)
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Rule reminder: deletions

Hi all.

I want to remind you that deleting a post or comment is (generally) against the rules, except in certain circumstances--such as mistakenly posting to the wrong community. This rule is mainly to prevent stifling of discussion. If there are other reasons I'll be understanding.

If you delete a post, I will notice and want to know why. If I can't contact you, then I'll temp ban you to get your attention. You may want to contact me first to prevent this from happening.

Student Experience

Place: United States (New York if more specific is needed)

Timeframe: Current

Searches Done: Student experience, university timetables, blogs of current students

My question is, how hard would it be for an American student to go through university with little or no contact with other students either socially or academically. So, lets say, a student living at home and commuting to the campus, going to lectures (classes?), completing essays and taking exams.

It would be almost impossible for most courses in the UK because of the amount of team work, small group seminars and group projects but I wonder if American Universities are different.

Would it depend on the University? The course? A mixture of the two?
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The composition of sunlight?

Please bear with me, I haven't the faintest idea what to google for this. I've tried "light + composition", "elements + light + sun" and a few other things, but it's not giving me what I want. And I am really not an earth-science/chemistry person. (Physics, now you're talking. LOL)

I'm working on a story involving vampires, set during various parts of the sort-of-AU-20th century. The scene in question is in 1925, and it's involving a vampire's murder. The death was due to sunlight exposure (as one might expect for a vampire), but I had what might be an insane idea.

In theory, there's some element of sunlight which makes it toxic to vampires. What elements make up light, I guess is what I'm asking? Because genetically, then, vampires could in theory be bred with resistance to that element, or perhaps the element could be solidified or liquified to use as an anti-vamp weapon.

This is slightly AU, so I don't mind a little fact-bending, but I'd like it not to be completely outlandish. Could someone enlighten me, or at least give me suggestions on what to search?

ETA: I really appreciate the quick responses - can you tell I didn't pay attention in chemistry? << Light wavelengths or energy frequencies might work for my purposes, though; thanks!
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Causing an EMP with a nuclear explosion

Setting: Modern day US, probably in a well-populated urban area. I was thinking maybe Los Angeles in June or July. I'd say late morning, early to mid afternoon.

Summary: So, I'm writing an apocalypse-themed fic, and I decided to go with a diffuse EMP (caused by a nuclear explosion) for various reasons. A friend and I talked nuclear explosions and EMPs the other night, and I got a lot of very helpful information from her. I also found out a lot of useful information on Google and Wikipedia that I'll probably end up using. However, I have a question she couldn't answer and I couldn't find through google. I want to know what a nuclear explosion would look like to the people on earth from 200 miles above earth's atmosphere. I googled "nuclear explosion earth atmosphere 200 miles" and "nuclear explosion space" but the pictures and info provided weren't quite what I was looking for.

A bit of info I found interesting was that those random crazies with the aluminum lined walls would probably be safe from the EMP caused by the nuclear explosion, heh.

I may come back with more questions later. Any help is appreciated!