June 16th, 2008

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Refugees in the United States

I'm looking on specifics for protocol on refugee resettlement in the United States. So far I've googled "refugee assistance united states" and come up with the Department of Health and Human Service and the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, but beyond that and the official website, I'm coming up short on how the department works, what kind of people it employs, and the extent to which employees of this branch of government would interact with resettled refugees in the US. At present my most informative source was a documentary called God Grew Tired of Us about Sudanese refugees in the US, and in that one they were pretty much left well enough alone to find jobs and education to the best of their abilities.

I know this seems a bit broad, but basically I'm looking for specifics on the internal workings/bureaucracy of the DoHHS and what kind of people work there and what they actually do, besides handing out apartments and pats on the back and a "good luck!". I'm also curious as to whether private benefactors (i.e. corporate "sponsors", as it were) ever become a factor in sponsoring individual or groups of refugees in the US. Thanks a bunch!
Harry Potter

Gangster enforcement

I've been working on a story involving a gang called the Latin Kings in the People Nation. From the facts I've gathered the gang has pretty strict discipline among its members. What would happen to a character who joined on the spur of the moment to get back at her boyfriend, then after a few months wants to leave the gang? From what I've learned the gang actively recruits members, but it is also very difficult to leave it once someone joined.

Staging a show for a (very) local band/General behind-the-scenes workings

XD I've been priding myself on not posting here for as long as I have. Now is the time to come crawling, because I can't find anything that works with what I need.

I'm currently writing a slash story about a band. I have the slash part down-pat; it's the band part that I need help with, because I'm not really the sort to frequent concerts-- I don't know why I decided to write a story about a band.

So, here's the specs.

Time frame: Modern day, 2000's.
Setting: Northeastern US. Not in New York, but not in the boonies, either.
Google terms: band gig preparations (And many variations thereof), concert rig set-up, and many others that I've forgotten. I have no Google-fu skills.

1) The band in my story is not big time at all. In fact, the only reason they have a show is because they perform at a club owned by a band mate's relative, and as such, the members usually end up helping out a lot with the preparations for their gigs. Is this even realistic?

2) Because the group is so hands-on with the preparation for their concerts, they interact a lot with (the one or two) people who work on the technical aspects-- lighting, stage set-up, et cetera. I need my guitarist character to have a misunderstanding (And subsequent argument) with a tech person... But, about what?

3) I'm not exactly sure how to word this. When is a band "popular" enough to get a gig somewhere that isn't their local scene? What even constitutes what the "local scene" is? I hope I didn't ask this badly.

Thanks for any help you may give; I'm embarrassingly awkward with how I word things. ♥