June 13th, 2008

UCMJ jusridiction

CWhen:  Now
Where:  US

Googled:  court-martial, jurisdiction, civil law, manslaughter, inciting suicide, statute of limitations etc.  I had a look through the archives here and did find a useful post with a similar question, but I'm wary of applying the answers to my fictional situation as it's a little different.

So here's the situation:
I have a character was a Lieutenant in the US Army.  He has since left the military and is getting on with his civilian life quite happily.  Suddenly it comes up that one of the men who served under him committed suicide while they were both on active duty (and while said enlisted man was under this Lt.'s command), and evidence has been brought that the Lt. incited the suicide through long-term bullying.

So, in summary:
1.  Although the events occurred while they were on active duty, the Lt. is no longer enrolled in the military when the evidence appears;
2.  There was a time lapse of about a year before this new evidence came to light;
3.  Said evidence would have been given to police first as they would be the obvious point of first contact for the person who has the evidence.

Given these facts - who would have jurisdiction over this case?  Would it be the military, the civil law, or both?  If both, in what order?

Thanks in advance.

Life after undercover

Setting: Los Angeles, present day
Sites visited: google, wikipedia, policeone.com, law enforcement boards, officer.com
Keywords used: 'Undercover policies', 'undercover work', 'life after undercover', 'undercover procedures'& etc.,

I have a character who used to be in undercover narcotics and has now moved on to Homicide but I'm unclear as to how many are aware of the details of her assignment. So, my questions are:

Is the identity of an undercover cop ever revealed to the public or other cops? And if so are the other cops in the department also aware about the details of the undercover assignment? Or are there only certain people allowed to know what went on during the assignment, especially if the assignment ended badly for the undercover cop?

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Heroin withdrawal

I've read multiple articles on heroin withdrawal, but have not found the answer to my rather specific situation: a woman in her late teens, standing 5' 6" and weighing 126 pounds, uses heroin for five days, injecting a total of maybe eleven or twelve times (seeing as the effects of heroin last around 2 - 6 hours, I think that seems a reasonable amount of times to shoot up). I'm not sure how much she would inject each time--I understand that the amount needed depends on one's height and body weight (as well as individual metabolism), and I don't know how much a woman of this physicality would need.

My question is: after five days of such use, how bad would her withdrawal symptoms be if she went off it after the last dose, cold turkey?

Very helpful! Thank you, everyone!