June 9th, 2008

gas mask

Police Leads

Time: Present day, present time.
Location: United States.
Google searches: police/cop leads, police investigations, informing police/cops, police procedures leads, tipping police/cops, leads police/cops, arrest warrants, search warrants, issuing arrest warrants, public leads, kidnapping public leads, abduction leads, and a billion other search terms.

I guess it's because I have a very specific question that researching is so difficult.

A teacher and student (under eighteen) from the same high school have been kidnapped. Before the student was abducted she told another student that she had found photographs of herself and the teacher in the kidnapper's possession. The kidnapper works at the same school.

1. Would it be enough of a tip to launch an investigation on the kidnapper if the student went to the police and told them about the pictures?
a. How long would it take to communicate this to the FBI and issue a search/arrest warrant or take the person into custody for an interrogation?
2. The teacher was also living alone at the time of the abduction. How would they be able to tell she was missing?

This is unrelated, but do you know a good place in a school to hide someone? If I use the idea I have I'd be shot by all the high school students in the area for revealing the secret ditching spot. Ah, the risks I take for art.