June 5th, 2008

Arm fractures and farm accidents

When:  Now
Where:  Technically USA - Illinois if it makes a difference - but much of this is very generic.

Googled:  All possible combinations of 'arm' 'broken' 'fracture' 'spiral fracture' 'impairment' 'damage' 'extension' 'farm accidents' 'field accidents' etc etc etc.  I also had a look through the archives, but couldn't spot anything that was quite what I need.

I basically have two-and-a-half related questions, but the explanation is rather complicated, so please bear with me.

1.  Character A has had his arm broken, approximately 2-3 years ago (when he was around sixteen) and although it was treated, it wasn't treated especially well (i.e. no surgery, even if he needed it, just a realignment and a cast).  I'm thinking at the moment that I need this to have been a spiral fracture.  I also need this to have resulted in a very slight impairment to the muscles of his arm (i.e. he cannot fully straighten it) but I need this to A) not affect his ability to do manual labour, and B) not be immediately obvious to anyone who looks.  Is this possible?  If not, would it be possible if I tweaked it slightly?

2.  When Character B confronts Character A about the damage to his arm, I need Character A to make up an excuse involving some kind of common garden-variety field accident.  What kind of accident could this be?  As far as possible I need this kind of accident to leave no visible scarring and be pretty minor.  So any kind of suggestions for 'trip over this piece of equipment', 'get hit by that generic piece of equipment', 'fall over doing this type of everyday work' would be very helpful, but something that would be a specific risk to those working with crops rather than something that could happen to anyone, anywhere.  I also need Character B to see through this ridiculous lie by knowing that said accident could not cause said permanent impairment.  So I'm thinking if that type of accident could normally result in a standard wrist or elbow fracture rather than a spiral fracture, that would be great.  What I'm not sure of is would the type of fracture radically affect the type of permanent damage/impairment suffered, if any is suffered at all?  As in, enough for Character B to be able to say point blank that Character A is lying about how it happened?

I hope I explained that well enough.  I'm desperate for help, guys, so please, anything you can offer me at all would be great.