June 1st, 2008


Terms for homosexual people

I'm scared to google this one, honestly. I get the feeling it'll turn up way too much of what I'm not looking for =|a

Basically I've got this world with a bunch of different peoples, most of them with cultures based (at least vaguely) on real world peoples, and what I'm looking for are varying ways in which to refer to homosexual people.

Preeeetty much any slang or vernacular from any culture or period will help me out here because I'm looking for good ideas to slot in the right places. Along with terms I'd like to know if it applies to male, female, or either, and what culture/language/time period it was/is used in, and whether it's considered positive, derogatory, or neutral. (I already know a lot of modern American ones already but feel free to shove these at me too.)

I'm trying to find standard accepted ways to refer to them (like the current gay/lesbian label), as well as other varying degrees of politeness.

[Edit] You guys are all totally awesome, this is good stuff! [/Edit]
Little Thing

Glass or ceramic parts in a Dodge Dart.

The car in question is a fifth generation (1971) Dodge Dart Swinger 318, being driven in the present day.  (BTW, does anyone know the highway MPG for such a vehicle - I don't think it's important to the story, but you never know.)

I would really like to know how many & which parts of the car (both engine and interior) are made of glass or ceramic - especially glass.  Besides the obvious bits.  ;)

Further, I was wondering, should all of these parts (or even just the glass) be spontaneously shattered by an enraged demon or spirit of some sort while traveling down a lonely highway in northern Florida... what would happen?  Would the car still be drivable afterward?


(Search terms used:  "Dodge Dart glass parts," "Dodge Dart ceramic parts," Dodge Dart glass components," and "Dodge Dart ceramic components")
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Mentall Illness/ Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Time: More or less, now. Only a year or two in either direction, if anything.  
Place: United States.
Background: One of my characters (22/23 year old male) needs to have a mental illness/mood disorder. Other than extreme swings in emotions and dangerous rage (resulting in violent explosions) he needs to be able to function normally with normal intelligence.
Research: I’ve done some research on affective mental disorders and found Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). For this most part this fits all of my criteria, but when I research “treatments”, all I can really find is prescribed medicines.
1. Could IED be severe enough to be treated in an institution (to be hospitalized)?
2.  Could a traumatic event be enough to stimulate this in a person?
3.  Are there any other disorders or illnesses that could fit this criteria, so I can kind of play around with it?
Thank you! :)