May 29th, 2008

  • caitak

Attack on teacher

Where: UK
When: Present day-ish (some time between 2006-2010)
What I've search: Various combinations of 'attack', 'teacher', 'governor', 'procedures' Any suggestions for other words I could use would be welcomed.

At a fairly posh private school a male school governor (A) has started visiting the school regularly, he begins hitting on a young female teacher (B). When she rejects him, A becomes violent towards her. B doesn't report this for a couple of days.

What steps would the school take against A (assuming that there is evidence of what happened and the head/other relevant staff take the side of B)? Would the police be involved or would it be kept 'in house'?
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Wyoming Slang (and Accent)

The story that I am working on is set in small-town (maybe medium-town) Wyoming. The main/narrating character is a teenage girl, 18/19 or so.

I'm curious as to what kind of slang would be used by a Wyoming girl of that age.

She lives with her parents and grandparents, so what kind of slang/language would the older generations use?

What kind of accent would they have?

(And anything other Wyoming titbits would be wonderful. :D)