May 25th, 2008

Condition of AppalachianTrail in Jefferson NF, Virginia

Place: Appalachian Trail between Daleville and Black Horse Gap within the boundaries of Jefferson National Forest

Time: Now

Terms Searched: Jefferson National Forest, Washington National Forest, Jefferson Washington National Service, Appalachian Trail Conditions, Daleville to Black Horse Gap, Black Horse Gap to Daleville, Black Horse Gap

Scenario: I'm working on a Bones fanfiction and I'm doing research for the case the fic will be built around. I have decided that a hiker in her mid-twenties was found on the Appalachian Trial within Jefferson National Forest. I chose the spot specifically, because National Forests are Federal lands which make all murders that occur there fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI--which would be the reason why Booth (the FBI agent) and Brennan (forensic anthropologist partner) would take this case on.

My question is: Is it possible for a person on that particular stretch of trail to be crushed under an extremely larger boulder?

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