May 11th, 2008

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Time To Make Clothing (~Regency Period)

The setting: low fantasy, assuming vaguely-around-Regency-period tech, with a bit of kicking back and forth for mood. No sewing machines. (Unless someone hands me a URL that suggests such existed back then. Which will make me go O_O and try to decide if I want those in my universe or not.)

The situation: How long does it take to make a lower-nobility-quality outfit for a young woman? How much does it cost? (Translations to modern values appreciated, if possible.) Is there a charge for "rush delivery"? Again, clothing loosely based on Regency and mutated to taste. (As a seamstress, I suck and take forever. So my personal experience makes me think... longer than one of my fine beta-readers has said is plausible.)

The Google: regency clothing time to create (also used "days" and "how" instead of "time"), regency dressmaker

The results! A wealth of designs, but the only "time to create" was a company which sold reproductions which said allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I might be able to find something in all these results, but I'm overwhelmed by them. Help?

Any suggestions for Google searches? (If you find a search that has several good URLs, the keywords, and not winnowing the URLs yourself, wouldn't make me cry. O:> )

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Poison Ivy in Great Britain?

I know that poison ivy has at some point been naturalized in Great Britain, but I haven't been able to find any dates in the botany/gardening texts I've consulted (probably because this is the U.S.), and my Google-Fu has failed me as well.

Any gardening/botany sorts know whether an English gardener would have had to contend with Toxicodendron radicans in 1896? Many thanks!

Puberty-delaying drugs

When I first heard about puberty-delaying drugs several months ago, it gave me this idea for a story about a girl who thinks she has a gender issue and so convinces her parents to get her on puberty-delaying drugs. Then later she realizes it was her age she was dysphoric about, and not gender - she didn't want to physically grow up. So she stays on the gender-delaying drugs the rest of her life, forever looking like a pre-pubescent child.

What I need is more information about those kinds of drugs and their effects, because I want to know what changes will happen despite these drugs. I also want to know if there's any way of preventing her from growing taller? I tried Google, but all it comes up with is articles about kids taking those drugs to resolve gender issues.
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Merchant City (Glasgow, UK) stereotypes, buildings

I get the sense the Merchant City is now considered a trendy area in Glasgow today (as opposed to, say, 20 years ago). Would you be considered a bit bourgeois/trying too hard to be cool for deciding to move there in the past five years? Also, what buildings are instantly recognizable as being in the Merchant City, but don't have any obvious advertising on? Would the Italian Center work? (I don't want to use the signs that says MERCHANT CITY.) I'm looking for buildings that are associated with the Merchant City specifically, rather than Glasgow in general.

searches: merchant city, merchant city gentrified, merchant city stereotypes, merchant city iconic buildings