May 9th, 2008

A job for a vampire.

Hello, I need a little bit information to better fill out a character's background. This is set in my urban fantas world. In 1960's England. My main character's father becomes a vampire after a fatal accident, and well a passing a vampire takes pity on him and turns into one her own. The trouble is my character's father has a wife and unborn child to support still. He's recent and weak vampire and he needs a job. He can't go back to his old job since the hours are during the day. So what sort of night time jobs were available in 1960's Britian?

cheeky/provocative UK t-shirts

When: current day Where: UK (and Ireland, if useful) Previous research: minimal. I have no idea about the magic search term(s), ad I'm not even sure this is information people would collect/discuss. 1) It's completely unremarkable to see Americans wearing t-shirts with a "message" - a souvenir of some experience, supporting a cause, or even a plain corporate logo. Is this also true in the UK? (I think it is, but want to make sure.) 2) If so ... I'm looking for UK-centric "messages" that are provocative or cheeky without actually being offensive. (Unless, of course, one's /looking/ for an excuse to take offense.) The wearer is in his mid thirties, a bit of a modern renaissance man, with the "traditional" English dry sense of humor. Pointers to images would be wonderful.

May 17: thanks to all who helped. I don't have a clear winner, but do have some ideas ad places to look into.

Care of premature baby

I have a character born between 36 and 37 weeks' gestation. Setting is California, mid-1970s. What problems is he likely to have, and treatment will he get? He's going to grow up to be reasonably healthy and bright, if a little smaller than he might have been, so nothing lasting.

How soon would he be released from hospital, and what is the policy likely to be on older siblings visiting? Would he be in a special unit, or in a room with his mother?

Googled: Various combinations of premature, premie, 36 weeks, 4 weeks early.