May 8th, 2008

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Capital Punishment in the US

So present day, executions are carried out in private with only invited persons able to view the proceedings; do these invited persons include close friends and family, or are they chosen by the state purely for witnesses and legal reasons and such?

Also, death row inmates are allowed a last meal an hour or two before execution. Again, who would attend this?

Thank you.
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I'm writing a Harry Potter-verse fanfiction taking place in winter/spring of 2025/2026, in Liverpool, England. My main character, a 31-year-old female (married with one child) hits her head and gets amnesia. What would be hospital protocol in this situation? If you're not acquainted with the Harry Potter universe, feel free to give me real world answers. Anything is helpful. How long would she be in the hospital? What would doctors' orders be? Assume her head injury is relatively mild, but enough to cause amnesia. Perhaps a mild concussion in just the right spot.

Low-tech surgery with modern knowledge

Really not sure how to search this one.
Setting is Unspecified Fantasy, general tech level's about Renaissance, give or take, but medical knowledge is at least roughly modern, at least re: basics like sepsis, shock, anatomy, etc.
Either direct answers/commentary, or resources/search terms, would be helpful.

Our Heroine (who has magic) is describing to her apprentice (who does not) how she should go about a C-section, should she ever have to perform one. Some of what she's saying is also General Advice For Surgery. Anything you'd add to or leave out of the following description? Anything I got wrong? Et cetera. Collapse )

Attorneys for Congressional Testimony

One of my characters is being called to testify in front of Congress. I've been able to ascertain that he would definitely be allowed an attorney to advise him, etc, but would he be allowed to share that attorney with someone else who's being called to testify? Or would they be required to have separate attorneys?

I've google "Congressional hearings attorneys" and tried to look it up on wikipedia, but I don't really have a clue in how to figure it out. Plus I've read up on Oliver North, but all that tells me is that he had an attorney, not whether he could have shared him!
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I need a profession...

This is kind of a very broad, basic question that I feel embarassed to even post here, but I've been giving this a lot of thought and haven't been able to come up with anything. I've done wikipedia searches, but they don't really help, and I've also searched Google a couple of times.

I have a minor (yet important) character that I need to figure out an occupation for. She is relatively young, mid to late twenties. Her main role in the story is to serve as a source of envy for my main character, who is the same age but much less successful in his life. So this young woman needs to have a pretty successful professional job, probably with long hours and high stress, but very high compensation as well. She had an excellent education and got high grades in all her classes, got an entry level position in her field, and quickly rose to a higher, more prestigious position than might be usual due to her hard work, intelligence, and ability.

The problem is, I have no idea even what professional field to put her in, let alone a specific position. Any field will do, so long as it's somewhat highly respected, and is not science-related. Any ideas?

Other info: story takes place in modern day America, in an unnamed city in southwestern Ohio.
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Pushed Into Glass Cabinets + Scarring

I have a character whom I want to have scars on his back.

The backstory is that his mother, who's insane (I haven't figured it out exactly, schizophrenia or something similar, I think) pushed him with a great deal of force into some glass cabinets.

The cabinets probably had small things in there, most of which are likely breakable and/or pointed.

Would there be a likelyhood of scars forming from the injuries? The character in question is about twelve, male, with a very thin build (so he could easily go flying), and his mother is in her... early fourties, I think. Not a beefy woman, but deceptively strong, especially when having a "fit".

He didn't get proper medical attention for the wounds, just someone picking out the glass and maybe bandaging him. No stitches, I think.

Setting is modern day (a little in the future), Germany.

Search terms: "glass cabinet", "scarring", "scars"
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Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA)

I'm looking for any information anyone may have on CIPA. I've googled it but haven't come up with much information, the info on the wiki article is probably the best/most info I've found so far along with the episode of House MD that's mentioned at the bottom of the page. Both links to websites and titles of books are welcome.

The story is set in the US in current times and the character I'm planning on having suffer from CIPA is a nine year old boy.

Thanks in advance!