May 3rd, 2008

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Piano music for the emotionally traumatized

ETA: I think I've found my piece! ^_^ Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

I'm working on a piece of fanfiction, and I'm hoping someone here can help me out a bit.

The main character in my piece has been severely traumatized, repeatedly sexually abused, manipulated, and nearly killed over the course of the story, and has had to repress his emotions to the best of his ability for most of the story. In the final chapter, in the aftermath, the character takes an opportunity to let some of his trauma out; he is a fairly skilled, classically trained pianist in canon, and he is going to play a song to passionately express his anguish. Unfortunately, I don't know much about piano myself.

I tried browsing some piano midis on this site, and sampled some Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, and Tchaicovsky, among others. I selected a few that may be serviceable, but I couldn't escape the feeling that I could still find something better. Although after about an hour and a half of this, I realized I was putting a rediculous amount of time into something that's going to ultimately take up two paragraphs at most.

I don't know much helpful terminology, but ideally the song should be something loud and expressive that sounds suitably tormented, something that would probably require him to really exert himself to play. While not absolutely neccessary, references to birds, butterflies, spiders, or being trapped would tie in thematically really well.

The story is set in modern-day Japan, although I believe the town itself is fictional. The character in question was raised in France until age 14, and is currently 17 years old.

Yacht Accidents

I'm writing a story in which the main characters get lost at sea, and end up on some strange island. I need to know if there's any way a long distance cruising Yacht could crash in/near/on the island/sandbar, and what the possible causes of that crash/accident could be. Also, it would be helpful if I knew what the damage would be to the boat. Here's the exact boat and its specifics:

Googled: Yacht accidents; boat accidents; long distance cruising yacht

Thanks in advance!
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Royal titulary and random religous questions

Where: Egypt
When: 5th Dynasty, 2424BC
Googled: royal titulary, royal heir, etc. Wikied, too. V. unhelpful, "Prince of Wales" won't help me :P

I just realized that Pharaoh is a term not used till 1450BC, and is hence useless, so I've substituted for the simple King (the Egyptian version Nisu sounds rediculous with my King's name Niuserre). But now I have the following problems:

Collapse )

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Thanks for any help you can give :)

Oh! And I'm looking for the Anonymous person who replied sooo much to my previous post here. She was incredibly useful, chatted with her once and she appeared happy to be my encyclopedia, but since then she disappeared and is not replying to email. Please please please come back?
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Mental Health Nursing qualifications in America

Writng for a fic set in present day Texas, have googled all combinations I can think of of the above terms but only get lists of textbooks!

Basically what I need is the letters someone would have after their name. So here in the UK the qualification would be Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) and what I need is the American equivalent, Thank you.