May 1st, 2008

The Opposite of War

Location, Location, Location

In this fictional piece set in present day New York City I want to have two characters meet in Times Square, Thier destination is a boarding (or lodging house) to meet a friend and look for work. My question is where are there present-day boarding houses or bed and breakfasts in NYC. Would it be plausible to walk to the house or would they have to take a subway.

I was considering Nassau St. (because of Mary Rogers) but I'm not sure what it's like now

--Thank You
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Regency England, social affairs.

Setting: Regency England (circa 1815-20), London.

Tried: Google, Wikipedia, various sites in the Regency Webring.

Question: At the height of the season, when there's thousands of events each day and well into the night, what could you possibly be invited to? And what would generally be the timing of each? It's been too long since I've read a Regency Romance to remember when you would go to a play, a musicale, a supper, etc.

If you were a Regency female, spending pretty much the entire day out under invitation or otherwise, where would you go?

Any and all help would be BRILLIANT
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