April 30th, 2008

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Scar on chest

Where: America, East Coast
When: About two to three years ago & now.
What I've Searched For: Variations of: gunshot wound, chest wound, scar, crack chest, surgical procedure, picture (Not knowing what it's actually called made it a little tricky to search for, all the more frustrating because it's a really random, minor point in the story). I've Googled and found lots of stuff about gunshots to the face, see some random scar pictures (which don't explain what they were caused by) and checked out eMedicine, but the only article I found that seemed relevant didn't have a picture.

My character was shot below her left arm, in her side, about three years ago. Cue emergency treatment.

I'm wanting the doctors to do the funky rib-spreading/chest cracking thing that you see in all the medical dramas. What sort of a scar would be left from this two to three years later? What I'm really looking for is some sort of a picture so that I can describe it.

Also, where on her body would this be, I was thinking maybe a couple of inches below her left breast, at the side of her body. Again, seeing a picture would help.

Thanks in advance.
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Navy Destroyer Ship Personnel Ranks

I've wiki'ed till I'm blue in the face (destroyers, warships, navy names, prefixes, naval ranks, the navy page...and more I've forgotten to list) and I've googled all kinds of combinations of "navy, ranks, captain, admiral," and other ranks I could remember. I'm really not sure how to go about googling anything else to find what I want. :(

SO. Here is my stupid civillian question that I need help with.

I understand that the highest ranking officer in a naval fleet is an admiral, so I'm not worried about finding out ranks in the navy in general. The cast in the short story I am working on are on a destroyer ship and the rest of the fleet just doesn't come into the story at all (though they can be assumed to be out there). What rank would the person in charge on the destroyer be? What range of ranks would be aboard a destroyer?

Volunteer being questioned

Basically, I'm writing a story where someone committed suicide, and a friends goes into the police station and claims it's part of a chain of murders/suicides that have been going on around the country for the past few months. She is nervous for her own life as well, but more her being paranoid and superstitious over anything else (there's no one really after her, but she thinks there might be).

I have a few questions about this:
1) Would she be interviewed like a suspect, as in, in the same room? Do they have a different room for volunteer information?

2)Would the FBI get involved, since these cases cross state lines, or since she has most of the information on her friend's death, would a local police officer be able to question her?

3) Since she doesn't really know who is behind it, just why these deaths are going on (it's an online chain gone horribly wrong), how useful would she be? Would the police be able to do anything with her information, or just file it away and ignore her the rest of the time? Would they use her as "bait"?

Hospital Benefit?

I’m writing a fanfiction for House MD where one of the scenes are set in one of the infamous “hospital benefits”. Now, the problem is that I have no idea what happens during such a benefit, or if ‘benefit’ is even the right word. Is it mandatory for the employed doctors to attend? Are drinks being served? Is there any dancing involved? The only time a hospital benefit was shown on the show, it was a poker tournament, so I’m not sure at all of what to think.
Thanks in advance.


Louisianan economic collapse

When: About a hundred (perhaps a couple hundred - I haven't decided yet) years into the future. Technology has advanced to the point where people are beginning to play with time as a dimension of space, and a human ability to use the physical world as an extension of the body has been developing for about twenty years.

Where: Upstate Louisiana (away from the coast).

Search Terms: major industry Louisiana, industry Louisiana, upstate Louisiana industry, Louisianan industry,  Louisiana industry + jobs, and many, many similar things.

I need to, in no uncertain terms, collapse the Louisianan economy. More in the upstate than near New Orleans (which has been rebuilt by the time my story takes place) and all that. So what I'd like to know is which industries (oil and natural gas, any kind of agriculture, etc.) provide the most jobs, and which industries are fundamental to the economic well-being of that region of the state. Thanks in advance.

Medical Questions

I'm doing research for a fanfic based on a book I just read, based on the injuries one of the characters sustained.

I'd like to know what the time frame would be for recovery (as much as possible) and the kinds of treatments necessary.

The character was wearing a steel breastplate lined with Kevlar, and was hit by 2-3 bullets from a Kalashnikov from 10ft away. The bullets entered around the breastplate, and the Kevlar caused them to riccochet around in the body.

Severe liver damage

Irreparable damage to 1 kidney, was removed

One collapsed lung

Spinal damage

2 fractures in pelvis

Subdural hematoma

Trauma through ocular cavity causing possible loss of eye

Brain damage

Multiple rib fractures sending fragments into the heart