April 26th, 2008

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Bar snacks in Colorado Springs

Yeah, I bet you can guess the context of this one. :D I've googled bar menus and pub menus and so on, but what I really would like to know is what the standard non-menu food items out in a generic (non-themed) bar in Colorado would be. Corn chips? Peanuts? Pretzels? I'm thinking of the little dishes of snacks that get provided automatically, usually salty to inspire you to buy more drinks.

I know different regions have different customs, and since the post in question is going to be written by a couple of people from Montreal and Glasgow, we're a bit stumped as to what the southern US would find 'normal.' I'm even good with answers about what you'd never see - I just don't want to write that my character was nibbling on, say, beer nuts or pork rinds, and have the actual Americans look at us like we've lost our minds.


Need info on Secret Societies

I’ve a couple of characters who need to belong to Secret Societies – which, of course, by their natures, will likely be un-Googlable J.

Unfortunatly, in doing so, I came up with either "definitions" of the concept or conspiracty theories about various organizations as "really a secret arm of blah" and other nutjobs.

What I need, is something historically found in Great Britain (This book is up in Scotland, but can stretch some) -- and I need two of them.

The one should be more on the side of Light and Freedom -- encouraging folks to find their own way -- but not likely to spread the "knowledge of old" to those not ready (which is most everyone not in their group). The second should be more on the side of Power and Control – Chaos is fine too – the group shouldn’t view itself as evil, rather more “guiding hand” as “the masses need it” kind of thing. Neither should want "ancient tomes" in the hands of "The Masses" -- but for very different reasons and willing to use very different tools/actions to accomplish their goals.

EDIT: My bad -- I hit the Wiki page on this topic, and am looking for something a little less widely known than the Free Masons and the Illuminati... (but thanks to the first 4 of you -- it's good info as I didn't mention this ;>)
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Contact home from Iraq

I've got a character who's stationed in Iraq in the army. She's got family back in the US. How often would someone stationed there be able to get in touch with people back home? I know she could write letters a lot, but as far as email or phone goes, how often would she get that and what kind of access is there to phones and computers for it?