April 18th, 2008

Aris Boch Thinks You're An Idiot

Yellow Blood 2 parter

Me again. I really wish I was better at internet research, but I keep coming up with a ton of useless links to sort through.

Science fiction setting: I need some kind of technobabble explanation for a humanoid with yellow blood. Even something as simple as Star Trek's old standby for Vulcans green blood being copper based.

Unfortunately searching for Yellow blood just turns up a lot of links on plasma, a band with that for a cd title, and other miscellaneous items. Searching yellow blood scifi doesn't help. Yellow blood alien turned up a technical medical reference I couldn't quite follow. I know I've seen a couple of movies and things with aliens with yellow blood, so I was hoping someone came up with a way to medically handwave it.

My second question is if there are any references to yellow blood in myth, legend, folklore,...thanks to the kind commenters here I have a quote from Macbeth. Again, I thought I could research this on my own, but searches on myth yellow blood turned up nothing. Are there any gods, heroes, monsters with yellow or golden blood?