April 17th, 2008


Ancient Names

Setting: Around the year 30 A.D., assorted places but predominantly the Middle East.

Searched: "aramaic names," "latin names," "hebrew names," "ancient greek names."  I've also poked around on some baby-name websites.

I'm constructing backstories for some very old characters, and I've realized that their names in modern times don't exist in the first century.  So, now I'm looking for names that have similar meanings.  I'm looking for names in a language that would have been in use almost two millenia ago: Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, etc.  I need names for the following meanings:

"king of nations"

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Edit: All the characters in question are male.  Sorry; I should've mentioned that.


Bengali culture question

After a rather exhaustive and curiously fruitless Googlepedia search, I come bearing questions.

Right now I'm looking for info regarding Bengali women, specifically what it's like to grow up in a very traditional Hindu/Bengali environment sort of straddling two cultures.  I know that arranged marriages are falling out of favor, but to what extent is this really the case these days? Are girls necessarily expected to get married by a certain age, or does it really just depend on the family in question/how urbanized they are? I'm also wondering about the similarities between Christianity and Hinduism on girls on a cultural level (an odd comparison, I know, but bear with me), like to what extent is the whole "purity" concept put upon girls? Also, what is the cultural status of divorce nowadays?

I'm wondering what the Western cinematic influence in places like Calcutta is at this point- I read that in Bangladesh something like 20% of films shown are Hollywood movies, but there is a ban on Bollywood movies there to protect the domestic product (I'm inclined to think that this would not be the case in Bengal). Also, are Bollywood movies dubbed or subbed into Bengali, or are they just shown as is with no translation?

One more thing: is there anywhere that has surnames and their meanings? I'd kind of like a name other than Sen and Gupta.
rich and famous

On Daffodils and Vinegar and stew

Google won't give me a taste and it doesn't tell much about the effect of vinegar on lycorine poisoning. Not getting much from Yahoo Answers.

Is vinegar an adequate remedy for poisoning by ingestion of the alkolide lycorine? And anyone know what daffodil bulbs taste like (in a stew if you've been confused by the appearance)? I'm trying to avoid hands-on research for my novel if at all possible. I think a small dose would be fine, but after how this year started, I really don't want to take a chance.

I need a character to kill a dying character with a stew including daffodil bulbs, and I'd like to have an idea of the taste. They look like onions. A few small bulbs can be lethal. I just wonder what they taste like. Like onions? The character is weak so she probably wouldn't have the strength to complain, but I want it to be from her pov. I really don't want to try one, so if anyone knows anything, I'd appreciate your information.

ETA: Thank you everyone. I'm thinking I may go with something a bit more traditional. The character is dying at home under hospice care and won't have an autopsy so any poison will work. I wanted something unique, but I think she'd taste the difference. Even though she's resigned to death and knows the other character wants to kill her, I don't think she'd be able to choke down the stew. I'm off to Google something that may spare me a terrorist label should my Google records fall into the hands of Homeland Security. XD