April 15th, 2008

Aris Boch Thinks You're An Idiot

Yellow Blood in Macbeth?

I've got another obscure and damn weird one. I'm researching yellow blood for an alien race...and someone in Yahoo Answers to a question about deoxygenated blood claims that in Macbeth, it's implied that royals have yellow blood.

I don't have a copy of the play itself, and quick searches on Macbeth yellow blood, Macbeth royals yellow blood and royals yellow blood turned up nothing, and there's nothing in the Macbeth wikipedia entry about it.

Anyone have the exact quote this guy may be talking about handy?

ETA: Answered. You people are amazing, thanks!
  • caitak

Small town in America & Mid 60s Music

Where: Small town in America
When: Around 1964/1965
What's been searched: 'American small towns', 'life in America 1960s', some other variations of small towns etc. Also, 'american popular music', 'popular music 1960s', 'popular music vietnam war'

I come with two questions today. I've got sudden inspiration for writing a story set in America during the Vietnam war, and not being American I'm having a little trouble narrowing down a suitable setting for it. I realise I could make it up, but I was wondering if there wasn't an actual place that would fit nicely. So what I'm looking for is a small town, somewhere on the American coast, which is largely Catholic and which a 16 year old girl in 1964/65 would dream of getting away from to experience something a little more exciting.

I realise this second one has a lot to do with personal tastes, but I think it also might be affected a little by where she lives. It's not as important as where she lives, although I think it'll help set the mood when I'm writing :D

What sort of music is this 16 year old likely to be listening to? I was thinking probably the rock music with stuff like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, but I was looking for some other opinions :D

Thanks in advance.

Name of a dance

What's the name of that dance where your knees wag back in forth like in the "Jailhouse Now" song from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

I've googled everything I can think of involving dancing and knees.

In this clip, at 29 secs. I don't think that's the Charleston.