April 11th, 2008

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Needle phobia and the E&A

A little detail that has been bugging me for over a week now:

If a guy has a phobia for needles strong enough to keep ripping out his IV at the hospital, will he be sedated or put in four point restraints?

Location: UK, present time

Searched for: "IV needle phobia" "ER needle phobia" "A&E needle phobia" "needle phobia restraints"

Details: the patient is under arrest when he is brought to the emergency room because of a two days old gunshot wound to his leg and high fever. He is cooperative, but cannot stand the sight of needles and puts up a fight when they try to put in the IV.

He is weak, skinny and generally out of shape, and the fever makes him even weaker, which is why I'm unsure whether they would sedate him, like I've read is often done with patients with dementia or psych-conditions.
John Locke

Botany organizations at the local level??

I've done about every possible search I can think of, on both Google and Wikipedia, but it seems this sort of information is not in demand enough to be easily searchable. 

My main character is a botany enthusiast.  He reads academic journals on the subject, as well as any books he can get his hands on, and grows quite a few plants in his apartment that, while maybe not exotic, aren't the usual fare for casual gardeners and plant enthusiasts.  But he's not a botanist in the professional sense.  Instead, he works as a salesman at a furniture store. 

What I need is information about what kinds of organizations at the local level offer events, lectures, gatherings, outings, etc., for people interested in botany.  Not necessarily for professionals in the field, but for amateurs and enthusiasts as well.  My story takes place in the state of Ohio, though that probably won't affect the answers I'm looking for.  I'm not looking for specific groups, just what kinds of groups and organizations are out there for people in non-professional capacities. 

Thanks for any help anyone can give, and let me know if you need any further information! 

Restaurant booths

I'm drawing a comic that is currently set in 1850s Germany. The scene is two characters are seated at a restaurant/pub type place, and I originally sketched them sitting in a booth. I was wondering whether or not such booths would have been in use at that time, and should I just have them sitting in normal chairs.

Searches: "restaurant booths," "Victorian booths," "history of restaurant booths," and many image searches for Victorian-era pubs and restaurants, with pictures much too small to properly identify.

Thanks for your help!

Famous Acrobats/Trapeze Artists

Hi, all. I'm writing a ficlet focusing on Dick Grayson before he became Robin. So he's about 7 years old and still a member of the Flying Graysons, which would put the year at 1989 or thereabout. 

I've googled 'famous aerialists' and 'famous Roma'. What I'm trying to determine is that if Dick's ambition at this stage is to become one of the best acrobats ever--better than the Flying Wallendas, etc... to whose skills might he aspire? It's a bonus if the performer is Rom/Sinti etc. (His father is Roma--but http://www.imninalu.net/famousGypsies.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roma_people didn't turn up any aerialists that fit the bill. The first one mentioned that Yul Brynner worked on a trapeze... but somehow 'to be as good a flyer as Yul Brynner' doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment.)

I'm thinking of performers who were probably well-known in professional circles between the 60s and the 80s--i.e. people his parents might have seen perform live.

Wearing a sari and medieval clothes

Hi, I've found a lot of information on how to put a sari on but not much on what they're like to wear.

Can you accidentally  pull the front so the pleats etc come undone? How easy is it to walk? Is there a trick to keeping a pallu in place? Are they called pallu/choli traditionally or universally nowadays? Any everyday details would be great.

I have pretty much the same questions on medieval clothes, what are kirtles and surcoats etc like to wear? 

And the big question, is there anything I can call hose to make them sound less like tights?
Modern-day mermaid

Estimated number of stuffed animal toys at a US town.

This is a weird one, and completely un-Google-able.

How many stuffed animal toys might exist at a present-day American town of about 50,000 citizens on Valentine's Day?

ETA: due to what seems to growing into popular demand, the story is here. If you'd like to read the chapter with the stuffed animals when it's uploaded (which may take a while; grad school eats time like whoa), you can either (1) mark this post for follow-up and i'll put a notice here when it's done, (2) leave me your email address (either in comments or at ), (3) add it to your watch list on ff.net if you have an account there.

ETA, 02 May: chapter posted! Thanks everyone!