April 10th, 2008

Cillian Murphy

Sexual Torture and awareness

I'm currently at a loss after a couple days of google searching, trying to find ways to keep a torture victim awake and aware (as in, not passed out from pain and shock).

I have tried every possible combination I can think of for three days (so much, I'm afraid to have anyone look at my browser history *grins).

Any ideas?

Also, any ideas on sexual torture (particularly to a male, no matter how violent, graphic or painful, I WANT him to suffer) would be lovely!

gunshot wound to the head

I have a character who's been shot in the head, and how his wife and mother are washing the body so I want to be fairly detailed in this scene.

I know entry wounds for gunshots are usually pretty small and neat, but the exit wound is the ugly one, but i need to know, at point blank range, just how ugly would it be? It's not necessarily a huge bullet, probably something fairly standard sized, so I don't think it would blow half his head off or anything, but would there be just a hole in the skull with a lot of blood, or would there be more than that as far as damage to the skull?

thanks in advance
  • rohaa

Ancient Egyptian Mysticism

Where: Ancient Egypt
When: Old Kingdom, 5th dynasty, ca. 2424 BC

Already searched: Google. Upside down and left to right, on any terms from broadly "ancient egypt" to specifics as "mystical practises", "cult worship", "furniture", "animals"....you name it.

I'm trying to get a feel for the extend of mysticism in Ancient Egyptian life. Much of healing and prescience was recorded as "magic" or "sorcery", but rather than supersticious fancy, I'm exploring how this could have been something real, i.e. energetic healing, meditations (comparative to Asian practices), and how this would work with their god image.

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If anyone is knowledgable about this particular time period in general and/or Old Kingdom religion in particular, I'd be really grateful for some more help on details and general setting!

Hallucinations associated with epilepsy

My story is a sci-fi/fantasy story set in a world where one fairly technologically advanced culture has colonized a much less technologically advanced culture (think Britain in India, but more high-tech).

The character in question is a seven year old girl with some sort of psychic abilities (so far not fully developed and open to change). She experiences seizures, which the people within her culture (the less 'advanced', colonized culture) interpret as visions from one of their gods. Whether that's true or not doesn't matter--I'm trying to figure out how the more scientifically oriented culture would look at these.

What I want is to figure out specifically what kind of seizures she might be having. I did a little research, and as far as what I had in mind for effect, the classic tonic-clonic seizures sounded right (though I'm beginning to suspect that's just because I know nothing about epilepsy and was jumping to the stereotype--bad author!). But I want something that has associated hallucinations that could be interpreted as visions. Everything I've found about hallucinations caused be seizures seems to focus on partial seizures, which, if that's the only feasible thing, would be fine, but I want something dramatic enough that people in the community would really notice it.

I'm poking around the Epilepsy Foundation's website, and I've been doing Google searches on things like "hallucinations seizures" or "hallucinations epilepsy", but a lot of what I'm coming up with has to do with side effects of medications (not useful at the moment), or psychology articles I can't understand.

So, my questions are: What are some possibilities for types of epilepsy that could be interpreted as visions? What sort of things would it be useful for me to research?

I'd also really love to hear any personal experience from people who have had seizures, and just what it's like. Any thoughts about writing about epilepsy would be great.