April 8th, 2008

Disney land and segregation?

Setting: Disneyland, mid 1960s
Searched: disneyland segregation, disneyland integration, disneyland segregation 1960s

Would Disneyland have been integrated/allowed black families in the 1960s? I want my family--very black--to take a summer trip, and I was thinking of sending them to Disneyland as a bit of the plot. But I clearly can't have them go if they can't get into the park. Would they have been barred, or just gotten in with a few strange looks and discomfort?


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Need help with a disease...

Setting: Modern-ish era, in the equivalent of Europe.

Already googled: 'infertile disease early death,' and variations thereof, including 'premature,' 'women,' etc.

Found: Cystic Fibrosis, Turner's Syndrome, Premature Ovarian Failure and Endometriosis.

What I'm looking for, specifically: A disease/syndrome/etc that can effect women (and men, but moreso looking for women) and which causes infertility and premature death. CF and Turner's seem to be the most likely, albeit that the 'standard' death of a CF-effected person is around 31, which is a little low for what I'm needing. The others seem not to have so much death related to them as infertility, though they are options.

Any other ideas or references you guys can offer would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

Texas gun possession laws

I'm having a lot of trouble researching into this, since US gun laws are so complicated and vary so much from state to state.

Basically, my character is below the legal age to buy a gun (he's seventeen) and so accquires one illegally through an older friend. After a blowout with his father, he packs his bags and leaves home, but is forced to threaten his father with the gun in order to get out of the house. His father then calls the cops on him.

My question being: what punishment would the character receive for possessing a gun underage, if any? And would the sentence be made harsher since he threatened his father with it? I had in mind a short stint in a young offender's institute or prison, but suspect the real punishment does not lend itself so well to potential character development.

To be specific, the character lives in Forth Worth, Texas, and the story is set in the early 90's.