April 3rd, 2008


eye injury resulting in removal of eye -- several questions

Hey everyone. Long time reader, first time poster, and all that jazz.

Location: US, Present day
Searched: traumatic eye injuries, ocular injuries, the tags here, and spent lots of time reading the posts on losteye.com --none of this has given me the exact info I needed, so here it is, if anyone can help that would be awesome:

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Divorce proceedings in Maryland

The story's set in Maryland, roughly contemporary. So far I've managed to read up on the basics of divorce law in Maryland but haven't found the answer to this specifically.

After papers are filed for a divorce, how long does it take for a divorce to be final? In this case, the wife has a pretty solid case proving her husband has been having an affair (emails to his mistress, an admission of guilt in front of people other than her), meaning that – according to what I've read about divorce law in Maryland – she gets to bypass the six-month separation period before filing for absolute divorce. What I'm not finding is how long it actually takes to get divorced after the papers are filed.

Anecdotal evidence is fine. In case this is one of those district-by-district things, they're in the suburban DC part of Maryland. The wife is a high-profile lawyer (was until recently White House counsel) and her husband a member of Congress (though not for long, as he's going to jail for other reasons). I don't know if that has any bearing on anything, but thought I'd provide that in case it's relevant in the case getting either fast-tracked or stalled.
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Heraldic vocabulary

I've tried Wikipedia, searches for "heraldry", "heraldry glossary", "heraldry terms", "heraldry vocabulary", and that sort of thing, (I found this site particularly useful). But my French is pretty limited, so I've come here to beg an answer.

The character is a self-styled Queen with an invented symbol of a silver heater-shaped shield with a golden crown in the position of the chief band, and a crossed nail and rivet below that which form an X shape. Although the setting's not Earth, she's the sort of character who would know the proper way to describe it. Argent a corona or above crossed clou et rivet is the best I can do. Is that close to what I want?

Thank you!