April 1st, 2008

body decomposure and sex

hi. im writing a story for english class and i have questions about part of it. ive googled but didnt find anything helpful.

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finally how to people get rid of zombies? i know in movies if you cut them up small enough they cant come after you anymore but how to people really do it?

eta: i just wanted answers to my questions i dont want to be harassed because of my beliefs. thats discrimination. im not going to reply anymore because im leaving the community. thanks to the helpful people. ill pray for the unicorns to watch over you.

ETA Apr 02, 3:44PM: To those of you that wondered why your comments were screened or why you were the only one that realized the joke: all comments mentioning April Fools were screened until today. Happy April Fools, everybody.
Happy Delirium

Blood-Borne Diseases/Viruses

Hi, there. Long-time pseudo-lurker and reader of all the awesome questions here.

It's finally time when I have an inquiry.

What kind of blood-borne diseases/viruses could you find in the United States right now? I have a vampire who happened to be really unlucky and suck some blood that wasn't actually as good as advertised, but I don't know many blood diseases/viruses that can be transmitted via the bloodstream (except, of course, AIDS) that fit the situation. This is humorous, not necessarily dark, so I thought I'd skip the obvious Big Red and find some other ones.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot. :)

EDIT! Sorry, I can see I obviously didn't do the best job clarifying myself. Umm...when it comes to researching, I DID look up some stuff in the Merck manual at my mom's house, as well as an Oxford Illustrated Medical Dictionary (or something of a similarly long title).  The only ones that glared to me from Merck were the Big Three -- AIDS, HEP A and HEP B, so I am now looking to you for guidance.

Whew. THAT was cleared up rather quickly. Thank you so much for all the suggestions and advice. It's a great help.