March 31st, 2008

Abduction, Mental Disorders, 90's Japan

Setting: Japan, mid-nineties (Definitely Bubble Economy, pre-recession). Originally was going to be Imabari, moved to Kyoto.

Searches: tried (on several websites, google, yahoo, wikipedia, etc.) various combinations of 'Japan', 'mental retardation', 'treatment', 'health care system', 'stigma', 'missing persons' 

Found a lot on rehabilitating schizophrenics and attacks on foreign teachers, but nothing desired.

Scenario: A teenager with a communication disorder (seemingly autistic spectrum), certainly falling under the classification of mental retardation according to Japanese Health Care protocol, is abducted by a foreigner (who justifies the abduction based on the stigma of being an 'incomplete Japanese'). The kidnapper employs him as a lackey, but there is a glaring plothole that needs to be resolved.


1. How likely is it that the police will actively hunt for a mentally handicapped citizen, especially in a city the size of Kyoto? (Allowing the conceit that the kidnapping was a dead-of-night event and the boy was prone to wandering off?) 
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Gunshot wound + effects

Background: Set in late 1960s (specifically '68). Located in Kern County, S. California.

Google - "gunshot" + "arm"; "gunshot wound" + "arm"; "gunshot" + "wound" + "arm"; "gunshot wound" + "forearm"; "gunshot wound" + "shoulder"
Wikipedia - gunshot wounds -> ballistic trauma
Detail Oriented - tag for medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

There's a young man, hereby named P, who's in decent shape, though certainly not an athlete. In fact he's a musician, specifically plays piano and guitar. However he finds himself in a situation where he's brought out into the wilderness by a younger man and his father, helping them in a family search. When the son kills his father P realises how much trouble he's in. He makes a run for it, only to get shot.

Here's where I need a little assistance.

The son needs P very alive and coherent. He shoots P in the left arm, not so much aiming for one particular spot but managing to catch the inside of his forearm. From my readings through the tags in the community I know P doesn't break any bones, but would suffer some muscle and/or nerve damage.
-- Would that be plausible with where he's shot?

P and the son remain in the desert for another... twelve to fifteen hours, not stopping. Part of this trek would take place during the night/early morning, through to the afternoon. P's arm has been wrapped up in a crude bandage to keep the bleeding to a minimum, but the son has been dragging P along, grabbing him by the arm where he's been shot.
-- What kind of damage would those actions cause P? My instinct is to say that he's lost use of his left arm, from the elbow down, not feeling anything. Would this be true?

At the end of the story P and the son are tracked down, the police involved. In the scuffle the son is apprehended. At some point P gets caught in the crossfire, getting shot through his left shoulder, a shot that shouldn't be life threatening.
-- However, considering that he's already got a gunshot would in his left arm, what kind of complications can arise? Any?

And, by any chance should anyone know, how long might the recovery be from those two shots? How long until he could play his guitar and/or piano?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. :)

Edit: Only after posting do I realise I forgot to mention the gun. It's a handgun, I just don't have a set model in mind.

Edit Deux: Fixed up an error on my part. His injury is crudely bandaged.
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Terminal illness

Is there an illness that would fit those characteristics:

The character is a young man (around 20) and has just been diagnosed. There is no cure (or maybe there could have been had it been diagnosed earlier, but it's too late). The most he can expect to live is a few years. The symptoms are, for now, not serious enough to necessitate hospitalisation. He might suffer, but would be able to hide it from others (again, for now).

I've searched the community and googled 'terminal illness', the names of various diseases as well as visited health sites, but I still couldn't find something that would fit this situation. I'm aware it probably doesn't exist, but is there anything close enough?