March 30th, 2008


Georgia Juvenile Detention Uniforms

When: Now
Where: Atlanta, Georgia, USA -ish

Search terms used: Atlanta Juvenile detention uniforms, Georgia juvenile detention +uniforms, etc

What: I know some prisons use the standard black and white stripes and others wear the bright orange.

I've got a kid (14) in juvenile detention under suspicion of murder of his father, and having been picked up by social services as a runaway. $64,000 question: Black and white stripes or orange? Or is it something different? (Juvie around here uses a dark blue jumpsuit.)
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University course registration in the 1920s

How would you sign up for courses if you were a university student in 1921? The university is in a largeish city, so I suppose punchcards may be within the realm of possibility, but if anyone could shed light (or more specific light) on this situation, I'd be very grateful. :)

Googling for various permutations of "1921 course registration" and "1920s course sign-up" brings me no joy whatsoever. :(

ETA: Fair enough. The courses in question are a broad mixture (it's all linked back to the paranormal and occult, but there's a variety of courses ranging from hard science to literature to divinity to archaeology...), the university is in a municipality most similar to Boston, Massachusetts.), and the student is a third-year student, so they wouldn't have to deal with admissions stuff.
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US Marine Corps Alert Codes

Time: Present
Location: USA (I guess, since I'm not talking about any war in particular)

Search terms used: us marines+alerts, cooper color code, usmc condition codes, usmc radio codes yellow red, etc.

I'm writing a fic involving a wounded private first class marine in a hospital recuperating from losing his eye in a mission gone wrong.  During this mission, he and a comrade were supposed to follow a couple known terrorists and basically chase them to the rest of the brigade so the other troops would take them out.  Well, when the marines follow them, they find that the enemy had already assembled a group for an offensive move, and more or less ambush the two.  They're forced to retreat around the corner of a building and try to call their comrades for backup.

I know nothing about what sort of code/lingo they would use, if any, when contacting the brigade.  I looked up the Cooper Color Code, but those are more "states of awareness" than calls for help.  So what are some codes that would translate to "something's gone wrong.  We've been ambushed, and one of us is wounded - send help"?