March 29th, 2008

Exotic tea

I need an exotic tea (preferably Egyptian, but I'm open alternatives) that could have been trendy in England between WWI and WW2 but wouldn't be commonly known now. The character in question is showing off and I need something appropriate.

I've googled every possible combination of "exotic," "foreign," and "tea" I could think of, including tea from a few different countries, read through travelogues, and looked up '20s trends. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?

One-eyed sniper

I'm writing a fic, which is going alone pretty well, and one of the characters is an expert sniper who recently lost his right eye. That's his shooting eye, so what I want to know is, can he become as proficient/almost as proficient a sniper with his left eye, and if so how long will it take him to do this? I already researched how people cope with one eye, but there seems to be little on snipers.

Googled: eye injuries, snipers with eye injuries, one eyed sniper. My google-fu is weak.