March 27th, 2008


Japanese nicknames for a small energetic boy

I really really have no idea how I would even begin to look for this. I tried 'japanese nicknames', 'japanese nicknames for small boys', ' japanese+nickname+boy', etc. This is for the anime Fruits Basket, so it is set in modern or near future Japan.

The small boy in question is a over-energetic boy who happens to be quite clumsy. Whenever he runs into things or hurts himself, he gets right back up and just goes back to what he was doing. I want his 'uncle' (distant relative) to give him a nickname, something to the point of 'juggernaut', 'indestructible', 'unstoppable' because this kid nearly knocks himself out constantly by running into objects before his parents can ever stop him in time. The uncle has a weird, morbid sense of humor, can be a real sadist, and is a novelist if that helps.

So I need a silly male nickname in Japanese for young, rambunctious boy. (The boy's name is Katsu if that helps too.)  Any suggestions for names or websites for nicknames would be a really big help.

EDIT: Fixed small problem.
25 May

Hemophilia Treatment

Setting: Early twenty-first century, an alternate universe in which the Russian Empire has conquered most of Europe and Asia.  Takes place mainly in St. Petersburg and London.

Searched: "hemophilia," "hemophilia treatment," "clotting agent infusion," "clotting agent," and variations.  Also tried the alternate spelling of "haemophilia."  Read several books on genetic disorders in the school library's reference section and checked out a few medical databases.

I've learned all I could possibly want to know about the symptoms of hemophilia, the history of hemophilia, how it's passed down, etc.  But all I can get when I look for how to treat hemophilia is 'an infusion of a clotting agent,' or 'an injection of a clotting agent.'

I need more details.  Does said injection have to be done by a doctor or can the hemophiliac do it himself?  If they're preventative injections, how often should they happen to be effective?  How much does the injection hurt?  Any information whatsoever would be very helpful.