March 26th, 2008

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American tourists in Japan. / Japanese sports fans + American athletes = ???

When: Present day

Where: Tokyo, Japan

Searched: Googled for "Japanese reaction to American tourists" and got some amusing results but none that really helped me. Also found some information on Wikipedia about tourism in Tokyo and various tourist sites that could be helpful, but again, not specific to my question.

Situation: My character is an American professional athlete in Tokyo, Japan for the first time, with his team. I envisioned a scene in which the main character goes to popular Tokyo tourist sites with some of his teammates.

a) How would Japanese people (just passing by on the street, or interacting with the character) react to meeting a professional American athlete? Would they be unimpressed overall? Would they want his autograph? Would they throw their underwear at him?
b) What is the sports fan culture in Japan? Do Japanese fans follow American sports well enough, that they would be able to recognize an American athlete? Or would he just be Generic Sporty Looking White Guy to them? Would his being a baseball player make a significant difference in recognition factor?
c) If this American character and a teammate (presumably American as well) go to, say, Tokyo National Museum would they be provided with a tour guide and a translator? How would a tour of the museum be conducted? Would they go in a group, or would they be able to arrange a smaller tour?
d) What kind of television programs would one generally find on a hotel TV? (I'm thinking Tokyo Dome Hotel.)
e) Would the athletes room together or do you think they would be given individual rooms? I don't know if teams still do this; I've heard conflicting reports about whether or not this practice has been discontinued.

All right, I think that's it. Thanks for any/all help! If I've missed anything, please let me know so I can fix my post.


This is a difficult question and I don't know if my story would work with these conditions, but:

Does anyone know what security is like among Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp personnel? How much clearance would someone need to get onto the base if a high-ranking officer wanted to bring her there? This person is not in the military, is not a journalist, not a contractor/doctor/lawyer/interpreter.*

Googled: "guantanamo security" and "guantanamo security -homeland," which got me mainly information about how chaplains and reporters are threats to national security; "guantanamo visitor," which told me about how you can go up a hill and look at the base through a telescope and buy stuff with iguanas on in the gift shop; "guantanamo guest" brought up guest bloggers and guest houses/hotels; "guantanamo family" told me about prisoners' families, "guantanamo family personnel" a bit more useful, "guantanamo family clearance" not helpful.

*(If anyone's interested in knowing, I'm trying to figure out how a modern version of Tosca could work. Ideally this visitor is an actress that said officer is interested in.)

Edit: Apparently family members of the military live on the base? This makes it more convenient, but how much proof would the officer need that she's related to him? How close would she be able to get to the prison if she's staying in the family quarters?
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body decomposure

Setting: UK, circa 1991
Tried Searching: Various combinations of "body" "decomposure" and "smell". I ended up getting a load of lyrics for songs I'm not sure I want to hear now, and an article that mentioned a body smelling, but the closest to a time frame I got was "a long time".

So my question:

There's a body decomposing in the master bedroom of an apartment building. How long would it take before the smell would be so overwhelming that someone in another apartment, or walking along the hallway, would complain about it to the landlord? Theoretically, would someone be able to stay in the same apartment for prolonged periods of time and withstand that smell?

ETA: It would be summer, windows not opened.

Batman timeline question

I've looked up bios and tried to figure this out but between Post-Crisis, Earth 2 and everything else I think my brain melted.

All I really need to know is if I use Barbra Gordon as Batgirl would Dick be Robin or Tim?

I am right in thinking that she would be the eldest of the sidekicks in both cases?

Help me! This is just a brief mention in a Smallville fic I'm writing but I don't want to mess something pretty minor up.
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Family History -based question

Ok, I can't quite figure this out. I've looked around various family history sites and I still can't come up with a good answer. I've tried google and Wiki but what I found is a lot more technical than I want/need. I've looked in the memories etc, but if the answer is there I must be looking right over it.

I have two male characters, A and B, who are discovered to be half-brothers (they share the same father) after a family medical crisis that takes place when both are in their 20's. However, their mothers are also half-sisters. (The boys each have one older sister, but the girls have different fathers than the boys.) But how exactly are they described in regard to the genetic aspect of their family relationship? half-brothers *and* first cousins? Or something else entirely? And just how close is their genetic code related to each other? 75% or higher?

I hope this hasn't been too confusing. Thanks in advance.
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Names for a Hunter

I'm attempting to name a character, and I'm drawing a blank.

Ok, the character in question is a woman who is, basically, kidnapped by an evil, ancient entity that fancies himself some sort of God of the Hunt. He uses her and several other mortals he's taken as prey in his endless hunt, turning her into a deer, a fox, a rabbit, whatever he feels like hunting that particular day. Through sheer luck she manages to elude him (though many of the others are not so lucky) and eventually escapes his realm completely, though she is still scarred and changed by her experience.

Now that she is free, she's taken on a "the hunted will become the hunter" sort of philosophy and has begin teaching herself the use of bow and arrow and other hunting skills in the hope that she can hunt down the evil things of the world and keep others from enduring what she did. During her time as an animal, she forgot her real name, so she has decided to take on a new one that reflects her decision.

This is the part that I'm struggling with. What should that name be? I could just call her "Hunter," but that's a bit redundant, especially seeing how many times I wrote "hunter" or "hunt" above already. I've been searching for names that have something to do with hunters, gods of the hunt, and so on, but other than Herne or Artemis, I haven't come up with much. The baby naming sites I usually use to help me pick out names are coming up dry too.

Any suggestions?