March 24th, 2008

Pokémon - Glory Day

Waiting in hospitals

Asking because I grew up in a small, rural town with a doctor's office as the only place for medical attention, and because I've always been disgustingly healthy.

Setting: Tokyo, present day, possibly late in the evening. A plot device to allow for the two involved to actually talk to each other: the setup was basically that one ran over the other and took him to the hospital for some minor injuries. I'm thinking something that needed medical attention without actually being critical, like broken bones etc.; the crucial point would be that it would involve at least an hour or so of waiting in the hospital.
second breakfast

British stock exchange

Does London (or other UK city) have the equivalent of the New York Stock Exchange pit so often portrayed in movies as a giant room in total chaos full of screaming people and paper flying through the air? If so, does it have a special name? is it as crazy as the NYSE or is it more British and therefore more civilized? Do they sit around calmly drinking tea and buying stock? ;)