March 22nd, 2008


Volleyball solo training

I tried searching for this on Google, but only managed to find websites selling books on the topic, or information about solo training for other sports with a passing mention somewhere of volleyball.

How would a volleyball player train alone at home? This is for a YA novel. The character is a 16-year-old who has played on school teams for several years and is a strong player on her school Firsts team. She trains with her team twice a week, but in between training sessions and in between seasons she spends a lot of time practising on her own. She owns a couple of balls but doesn't have access to a net. Are there some ball drills or something that she can do on her own without needing a net? I want to go into some detail on how she trains, although not too precise.
Marmite and roses

Air-dried laundry -- time to dry

This is an odd little question. I have no idea how I'd go about Googling it. I have an electric clothes dryer, so no personal experience.

If someone were hanging clothes (specifically an adult-sized cotton tee-shirts) out to dry on a sunny day with the temp in the 60s and very little wind, about how long would they take to dry? An hour, two? More? Less? My protagonist is trying to determine how much time has lapsed since the shirts were hung up. (The other garments in the laundry basket are still damp/wet.)

EDIT: Since it seems to make a difference, the laundry in question is drying in Kansas, in spring or autumn.

Thanks, everyone. I have a good idea of a believable guesstimate and what the factors involved would be. I really appreciate your help!