March 21st, 2008


foot injury

I've got a character whose foot was crushed by being run over when she was little. Now she's a teenager and walks with a limp and uses a cane to get around a little easier.

Am I being realistic to think a foot injury acquired at this young age would still be giving a teenager problems, all these years later?

Googled, got nothing useful.

Greek mythology

I'm looking for a figure in Greek mythology that is associated with passiveness, inactive observing, neutrality or something similar. Preferably female and obscure is a plus ;)

Edit to add relevant information: I started on googling on just greek mythology, then added keyword experimented with keyword such as passive, neutrality, observer, watcher. I found Gaea who is supposed to be a passive goddess, but that name is so famous that it gives different associations than I want it to.