March 19th, 2008


Shooting range rules

Hi. I'm looking for information about shooting ranges. It's for a character who works in the FBI NCIS and uses an indoor shooting range. The gun used is a Sig P228.

1. Would they be required to use specific bullets?

2. The targets they shoot at - a motor's used to bring them back and forth, right? Would this be controlled by the character or by a range officer or someone? And is there a specific name for the targets with the person-shaped outlines on them?

3. Anything else I should know about shooting range rules and etiquette - I know the basics (ear protection and goggles and the like) but I have no personal experience of shooting ranges or firearms.

I'd be incredibly grateful to anyone who could help me out with this!

I've searched shooting ranges, shooting range rules, bullets on shooting ranges and various other things and can't find the kind of information I'm really looking for.

ETA: thank you so much to everyone who replied. You've all been such great helps and I appreciate it so much.

ETA 2: I just realised, as I started writing, that I'd said this character worked for the FBI, when what I actually meant was NCIS (yes, I suck like that), which might affect the model of service weapon. However, the character was previously in the Secret Service, at which time she had a Sig, and apparently agents (in the FBI) who qualified with a Sig when they were issued would be allowed to keep using one, so I'm gonna stick with the Sig (unless anyone can tell me differently). Again, thanks for all the help and sorry for my temporary suckiness.
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Naming of English Manor Houses

Set in present day, in the general vicinity of Cardiff, Wales.  I have a group of people moving into an Elizabethan Manor House that I have concocted, and I am not sure whether it needs a name, or how to name it.  Ought it to be in Welsh?  Do I need to make up a family to name it after?  I don't want to make it a place that actually exists, but I don't want it to be obvious that I completely concocted it out of nowhere.

Given the complete lack of seriousness in the actual storyline, and the fact that this detail has no effect whatsoever on the storyline, I shouldn't be so fussy over such a small detail, but I can't help myself.

Googled: naming manors, naming elizabethan manor house, manor house history of name
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Crime Scene Investigators in Japan

When: Modern day, maybe from somewhere in 2000 to now
Where: Japan
Previous Searches: "Japanese Crime Scene Investigators", "Crime Scene Investigators in Japan", "Japanese Justice System", "Japanese Murder Cases"

I've tried looking everywhere but Google has failed to give me any non-CSI-TV-show related results. I was just wondering if they had CSI agents in Japan, and if so, what are they called and what exactly do their duties entail?

Scientists: angry, drunk, and ugly

I'm looking for the names of three scientists who were at least semi-famous for their accomplishments and infamous for a bad temper, alcoholism, and being extremely unattractive. Honestly, they don't even have to be real scientists if you can think of a fictional character who applies.

(My character is naming his pets after them, if anyone was curious.)

I've Googled "list of famous scientists," variations of scientist + drunk/temper/alcohol, and I Wikipedia'd several of the names that came up on lists of famous scientists, but I can't seem to find any. I'm hoping some of you just happen to know historical science gossip. hahaha

ETA: My housemate says Thomas Edison was prone to temper tantrums, so I guess that's one down.

Looks like Tycho Brahe (even though he actually died of poison?) is infamous for being a lush nonetheless.

That just leaves UGLY. :) Ugly scientists, anyone? Diseased works too because of the nature of the pet who'll be named after him/her.

ETA #2: Okay, I got them. Thank you! (And if you're interested in scientists who hate each other, read these comments! hahaha!)
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Consent for Medical Treatment

Google searched: consent treatment, medical consent, consent to treat incapactitated person

Time: Modern Day
Setting: New York or New Jersey

This is my first time posting. I have tried to use the internet to find the information but the links I am bringing up do not cover what I am looking for.

 MMC1 is 24 years old. He is severely injured in a robbery. His parent/guardian is out of the country and can not be reached. The only available family is his 16 year old brother. The injuries render the 24 year old comatose. I have two questions:

1 - I know many medical procedures require consent to be preformed, either from the patient or family. Would 16 year old be able to consernt to treatment for him? If not, who might legally be able to provide that consent in loco parentis so to speak? What kind of proof, if any would the consenter need? What would be the minimum age roughly (ballpark) for consent?

2 - What kinds of procedures could be performed prior to the consent being obtained? Would they really require any treatment consent?

Thank you so much.