March 18th, 2008

Transatlantic Voyage 1850

My MMC, Francis, travels by ship to London in 1850 (or thereabouts) he meets my MFC, Charlotte, and the two fall head-over-heels in love and marry. Now they want to go back to New York together. My questions mostly revolve around travel by ship at the time (if anyone could point me to any resources I would be very, very grateful)

1. Francis' personal wealth falls around upper middle class/lower upper class. Would he purchase first or second class tickets?

2. What ship line would he be most likely to book passage on?

3. How would he go about purchasing these tickets? Would he go to an office at the harbor? Work through someone like a travel agent? If Francis has already purchased his return ticket (how common would that be?) would he be able to also book passage for Charlotte after their marriage? Or would he have to purchase two tickets on an entirely different ship?

Basically any information on transatlantic voyages for second/first class passengers from 1845-1855 would be amazingly helpful. I just want to get Francis and Charlotte from London to New York!

Setting: London, England -> New York City 1850 (give or take 5 year in either direction)
Google Search Terms Used: transatlantic voyage 1850, transatlantic victorian era, victorian era, ship 1850 (as well as Victorian London by Liza Picard and A Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's)

I found information about immigrant passenger lists, an account of life aboard a whaling vessel in 1850, and contents of merchant ships, but nothing close to what I need to know.
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Hebrew translation?

I've been looking for a website that will give me a Hebrew version of the Torah, but in Roman (English) script, rather then in Hebrew script, as I can't read Hebrew. There seem to be several websites that do this, but only for the first few books. I need the Book of Job. this site was the only resource I could find and it's in Hebrew script.

What I'm really looking for is the exact Hebrew pronunciation of the name translated into English as "Satan", and how it would be written/spelled in Roman letters. (I figure maybe the written version is the same as the English, but I don't want to take that for granted.)

Searches I've tried: hebrew, jewish, judaism, bible, torah, job, book of job and a bunch of variations/combinations of these (Google naturally thinks by "job" I mean work - it's frustrating!)

ETA: Answered! You are all fantastic!
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Lost at Sea: How long to call off the search?

Terms Googled: lost at sea, search at sea
Also went to "How long to search for person lost at sea".

This does tie in with the question I asked the other day.

A person is reported missing for at least 48 hours. Shortly thereafter, his sailboat is found drifting at sea, no one onboard about 3-4 miles from shore. It's June in New England. The weather's been decent.

How long will they conduct a search for survivors/remains?  

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the help!