March 17th, 2008

Popular comics in Europe, ca 1972-1982

Searched:,, a bunch of other BD sites; I've got some numbers on what I need, but I'd really like to hear about personal experience; I'm not very comfortable with building characters from statistics.

(When I say 'Europe' I'm most interested in urban France of the 70s and early 80s, but anything from continental (especially central) Europe would be useful information.)

If you were a teenager in the mid-seventies, went to University circa 1980, where would your primary exposure to comics have come from? I looked into the history of magazines such as Métal hurlant or Pilote, but their fluctuating circulation and frequency make their impact in these years difficult to gauge. Also, of these I get the impression that the former was targeted to young adults & adults whereas the latter was oriented towards a younger audience, but that doesn't tell me which generation(s) were actually reading them.
Finally, on the subject of comics journals, Wiki and other dedicated websites point out a decline in the medium during this period, so if the comics moved to newspapers or individual volumes ('trade hard/paperbacks' as it were), would that have affected their accessibility/pervasiveness in popular culture?
What I am trying to determine under all this is whether the popular comics could have gone under the radar of a 'serious', very bookish and absorbed student, and if not, which ones were absolutely impossible to miss?

Secondly, American comics: how available and popular were they, and - if the likes of Métal hurlant were indicative of what was hot, did this mean that American 'underground' comics were better liked than the DC/Marvel output? I'm absolutely in love with the whole alternative/student culture of the late 70s and early 80s, but if Superman or Spiderman were order of the day, I'll adapt.

Thank you!

Mortuary fridge doors

Location: Los Angeles

Time: Present day.

Searches: Google ("mortuary fridge", locks, door ; "mortuary fridge", door ; "mortuary fridge", door ; "mortuary fridge", door, -advertisements) All I got were companies that supplied them but no information I could use. If there's a better search string I'd appreciate it just as much.

Question: Can a person who's been locked inside a mortuary fridge (you know, those big banks of slabs that go into one refrigeration unit with the bodies on roll out slabs each with their own door. Usually covering a wall.) get out without outside help easily? What I mean is, every time I've seen them on CSI or whatever crime show I happen to be watching each one of those doors has a handle that needs to be cranked from the outside to break the seal before the door opens. If someone were locked inside could they conceivable push or kick hard enough at the door to open it from the inside? I can work either into the plot, one's just shorter to write.

Mental/physical state of a female 10-12 year old who has stopped growing

Been a while since my last post so please yell if I do this wrong, I tried tagging the post myself because I couldn't remember if I was supposed to or not.

Setting: Modern day or a little in the future, America

I've some some useful links through googling and read some articles about how someone this age should act but I'm looking for how she might act after an extended period of not growing physically but developing mentally and am a little stuck on how to google or wiki this.

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Aresnic Poisoning, Crime Evidence

Location: Southern California
Time: Now
Searched: Arsenic; "Arsenic Poisoning"; "Rat Poison" "Effects On Humans"; looked at Wikipedia's Arsenic Poisoning page... it helped but not with some info I need...

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Location: Southern California
Time: Now
Searched: Not sure how to search this one...

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Hopefully you guys can help me out... I can always fake it (It's fanfic, so I don't think readers are expecting perfect realism), but I always prefer to have my facts straight... If anyone can suggest search strings that would help for any of this, please let me know... I usually prefer doing my own research, but these two stumped me.
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On the time required for completion of large tattoos

Okay, I've searched a bunch of tattoo FAQs, "tattoo sessions" and "tattoo completion (time)" and I have also searched the tags in this community, but I'm not finding the time estimates I'm looking for.

I managed to get a lot of good info on healing and what it actually feels like and aftercare out of a friend with tattoos, but hers are small and only took one or two sessions to do, so she wasn't able to help me here.

Basically, I have this character, and I'd like to know how long it would have taken for him to get these tattoos done. (Yeah, he's a weird urban fantasy race with wings and horns and a tail, and yeah the tattoo does go about a foot down his tail which I imagine to be super painful considering how painful I hear tattoos over the spine are.)

Assuming modern tattooing technology, how many hours over how many sessions over how many weeks (I've heard you need to wait 2 weeks between sessions?) would be a rough estimate for something like this? I don't have any specific parameters that I'm looking to fit, since he got these ages before the story starts, I just want to know in case it ends up coming up (I have a few chars who'd ask for details like this so it pays to know).

[Edit] You guys are lovely. Thanks for all the awesome answers! (And if anybody's still got more assorted info to give, go for it.)

Musical and Prophetic Supernatural Being of Europe or Near East

Search strings include:  music, sidhe, folklore, prophecy, prophetic, and fairy in various combinations.  I've visited the encyclopedia mythica, monstropedia, and wikipedia.  I've also gone through this group's folklore entries.  If there's something there that I've missed, I apologize.

What I really want is a sidhe/fairy family or race that is known for musical ability and prophecy.  At this point, though, I'd be thankful for a particular non-human being with those attributes or beings outside the British Isles or further.  Beings generally considered to be divine won't work, so, sadly, no Apollo.  Also, any links which might give me a direction would be wonderful.  

Thank you.