March 16th, 2008


Deserting the Royal Navy, 1950s

Googled many combinations of 'punishment for going awol royal Navy', 'deserting royal navy', 'punishment for deserting royal navy' etc., checked out some RN sites,
Hiya, I'm hoping someone can help...

I was wondering what the punishment for deserting the British Royal Navy would be in the 1950s. My character won't actually ever be caught, but I want to know what he would be scared of. He would have joined up at 15 and worked man and boy, then deserted with very little time left before he could have left anyway (circumstances demanded it - he would have been in trouble if he stayed too). He would have jumped ship around Malaya somewhere, during the Malayan conflict. So what would he be afraid of if the Navy ever did catch up with him? He didn't desert in a time of war, but it is quite possible that if he was caught he would have further charges awaiting him than just desertion. I'm sure I've heard they can drag you back and force you to serve out your remaining time, as well as any punishment/jail sentence etc. But I've also heard things about them docking pay - obviously he hasn't been paid for most, if not all, this time, and he would have taken very little with him in terms of stuff which belonged to the Navy. Also, would there ever be a time when so much time had passed the Navy just wouldn't care anymore, even if they did find him?

Since he left he has lived a blameless life, and is in fact now a police officer (not under the same name as he was in the Navy, obviously!).

Thank you in advance for any help.
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1560s - Catherine Di' Medici's court

Thanks to my library lacking in Catherine di Medici reference material, and the dubious nature of some of the online sources I've found via google and wiki, I thought I'd ask here:

Catherine di' Medici - did she have a group of good-looking girls known as her Flying Squad, who information-harvested for her? Particularly in the era during the Wars of Religion?

I'm secretly hoping yes, but I've only been able to find one or two very loose references from aforementioned dubious sites.

The Pirates of Penzance

Setting: February-May, 2008, a private high school in Massachusetts
Searched: Um, not exactly search-able...I do have the songs memorized, though, if that counts as research.

The high school in which my story is set is putting on a production of The Pirates of Penzance.  How likely is it that a fourteen-year-old boy (who has been singing for a while) would be capable of singing the Sergeant's part?  

Thanks for your help in advance.

On injuries from jumping out of a moving car.

I'm writing a fic, and I need some advice. Character T is a young man who's investigating the death of a female reporter who was investigating the organisation he is involved with. At some point he gets in a car with Character A, the man who killed the reporter, but he doesn't know this at the time. Whilst talking, Character A reveals that he did, in fact, kill the reporter and Character T, fearing for his life, opens the car door and jumps out.

Let's say the car was moving at about 35-40 miles per hour (55-65 kph), and Character T is a healthy and physically fit 16 year old. He jumps out and lands on his front. How bad would the injuries be, could he get up and walk or run? I doubt it myself, but I tried searching the internet and found nothing helpful.

EDIT: Sorry, I'll be more specific. He lands on his hands and knees. I'm pretty sure that would break something, but as to the severity I don't know.
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Faking a Death. Present-day fictional Northeastern United States (DCU)

Hi, all. I'm writing a Batman fanfic in which Batman is missing, believed dead. The problem is that as a direct result, Bruce Wayne has now vanished without a trace. His team is currently trying to make it appear that Bruce has died in a way that would explain 'not enough left of the body to identify'.

Major concern: no realistic chance of killing/injuring innocents. 
At this point, Batman has been 'dead' for about 36 hours. They figure Bruce can be out of the public eye for about a week maximum before folks start to wonder. (It's minorly AU in that Bruce does tend to spend more time at WE and isn't likely to run off globetrotting for months the way he has for certain DC canon storylines.)

I have two ideas, but I don't know enough about the little details to figure out what's involved.

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Apologies, I normally do try google first, but I wasn't really sure how to get started on this one. 

Life after coma

Hey all!

My story takes place in the present and my main character has regained consciousness after a year long coma caused by CO poisoning. I'm looking for some indication of what her post rehabilitation life might be: meds, exercises, emotional aftereffects, etc. My Google/Wiki research generally leads me to support group sites for families of people with traumatic brain injury and while I've gotten some info it's not quite what I need. I guess I'm looking more for case histories but most medical sites require membership. Any help will be greatly appreciated.