March 13th, 2008


Scottish Translation for a Name

I thought this was going to be easy, but apparently it's not.

I'm looking for a Scottish name that would be the equivalent of Gold or Goldman.  However, there are a few other criteria that prevent a direct translation (and not just the fact that I've found two different translations for gold and about eight zillion words that can mean different types of men).

1. This is to be used in modern times in America (I don't think it'll matter, but just in case: Atlanta, Georgia), so if possible I'd like to avoid all accents (or find a way to transliterate them) and/or apostrophes, since they tend to muck up computer systems.  (And here I was going to link the article I read about this a few weeks ago, but when I tried to find it again, I found that there are dozens of articles on the subject:) 

2. I don't want the name to be too blatantly Scottish -- my character also has Jewish heritage and so I'm looking for something that sounds a little more neutral and/or that can incorporate both her Jewish and her Scottish heritage.

I've researched several sites, including:

All of the above were found through Google.  Bablefish has failed me, as it does not have the ability to translate from Scottish.

ETA (after reading a few comments):  I'm afraid that this really must be a combination of Scottish, rather than Irish.  However, either Gaelic or Lallans would be acceptable (also, I feel very ignorant right now -- I had no idea there were two languages spoken in Scotland).

More details on the situation: the character is marrying an extremely liberal and progressive man and they've decided that they're *both* going to change their last names.  He's Scottish and she's Jewish-Scottish, so they've decided to go with a Scottish-ish form of or play on her last name (Goldman).  Their families have both been in America long enough that neither one knows where in Scotland they are from, but he likes to wear his kilt every once in a while (primarily because he gets to do it in the 'traditional' style:)

ETA2: What I've found in my searching is gold='or' or 'oir' (with an accent over the 'o') and man=duine.  Suggestions on how to Anglicize or duine (or oir duine) would be greately appreciated.

ETA3: The Jewish/Scottish woman seems to be causing issues, so I'm revising her background so that she's simply Jewish (from somewhere, obviously, but not from Scotland).  The man is still of Scottish heritage.

Wheeee!, amused, good stunned

Lightning intefereance with walkie-talkie transmissions

I tried googling a few terms and came up with things that really didn't address (in simple terms) what I need to know.

I have two characters on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Each character has a walkie-talkie-type device on them to communicate. There is a storm going on with lightning. How much (if at all) would the lightning interfere with their transmissions? Would it only happen when bolts and thunder was being blasted through the air, or would there be continuous static or distortion on the line?

No other transmissions via radio are going on except between these two characters, BTW.

Autism in Adults, among other things

Please help me. I have to know this character inside-out, and both the intarwebz and the written word are failing me good and hard. He has autism. I think.

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A Slight Distillation:
The problem with this is: my research seemed to suggest that adults with autism are either high-functioning, in which case they have learnt to deal with their autism and can control the symptoms very effectively - and more power to them! But I think that's unreasonable for my particular character, as the help available to modern autism patients is not available to him - or completely incapable of everyday life. When it comes to my character, I sort of want him in the middle somewhere, but I don't know if that can be done. He is not high-functioning in the independent-living sense, nor is he particularly low-functioning. Also, I read on one of the websites, this one an autistic blog, that "autistic adults are not like autistic children." Given the special circumstances... my autistic adult is like an autistic child. Could this work, or am I just perpetuating stereotypes?
This was a huge, confused mess of information. Basically, what I'm asking is, could he be like that? How else might he act? Do you have any experience with adults with autism that are not high-functioning enough to live in the wider community, but can still... function? And, most importantly, could you please direct me to any sites that may be useful? I do want to do my own research, but autism is a big tangled thing, and it's just so wildly varied that finding information that pertains to this particular scenario is very difficult. What I was looking for was a parent's guide to coping with adult autistic children who cannot live alone - they seem to be the most useful, and the clearest - but there are none. Do you know of any?
Thankyou! I'm sorry I couldn't be any clearer! If you say "WTF," I will try to clarify.


You know what? People like you are why I love the internet. Now, a lot of you are giving me similar or related (extremely useful) information pretty much simultaneously and there are a lot of comments here, so I can't respond to all of them individually, but thankyou so much for all the assistance! I was worried that I would offend someone (and probably some-more-than-one) but you're all so tolerant and informative and ahhh! *squee*
Er. Sorry. It's just nice to be getting some answers. Anyway! My apologies for misusing the terms relating to functioning; I'd seen them used quite a bit in psychology articles so I'd assumed they were correct, but now I see that they really are just too subjective and flexible to work with. I'll leave them in because most people seem to know what I mean. And I'm also sorry if some of my comments/ideas were stereotypical, generalised or insensitive, and thankyou for pointing that out! It's precisely what I want to avoid, you see.
Thankyou all so much! *loves you all like cake* *goes to look at the provided links*