March 3rd, 2008

zen cat
  • samtyr

1960 - 70's Home Movie Question

Setting: late 1960's, early 1970's US, before any vcrs or camcorders were "invented" and/or available for widespread public use.
Item: Home movie camera (handheld), either 8mm or 16mm.

The family loves to take home movies. Lots of them. What I need to know is: how many minutes would be able to filmed at one time before needing to change film in the camera?

I've already determined that there will be several 'segnments' spliced together to make one longer film but I can't seem to find out how long the individual segement would run. I have a vague idea that they must have run about 2-3 minutes, maybe a bit longer but I don't know for certain. I've Googled and Wiki'd as much as I am able and I still can't come up with a good answer. If there is one, I'm missing it completely.

Thanks in advance.
  • joane

Civilian/Officer Fraternization Policies, USAF

Setting: modern day, looking for existing, real-world USAF policy on unprofessional relationships between officers and civilians under their direct command.

Cross-posted to military_beta last night, but so far no dice.

Already googled: "air force" +policy +civilians, "air force" +policy +civilians +fraternization, +embedded, and a few other variations.

I am looking for a specific United States Air Force policy that would prohibit an officer from engaging in a sexual (hetero - "don't ask, don't tell" doesn't apply, and both are single, so no adultery charges) relationship with a civilian contractor in the same work unit (yeah, yeah, another Stargate question!). The fraternization policies I've found refer to inappropriate enlisted/officer relationships, but I definitely need something more specific to civilians. I figure there has to be a written policy that covers embedded reporters and contractors in a war zone, or something of the sort.

The characters involved aren't mine so I can't change the scenario (this is an RP situation, I'm helping their CO with some research), and are a USAF 1st Lt. and a civilian diplomat.

Any help?

Vermont dairy farm in winter

Setting: Vermont, United States
Time: 1941, but not necessarily specific

My character is an 18-year-old boy living on the small dairy farm operated by his parents. I want him to be out in the woods/fields on a Sunday afternoon in 1941. It's one of those winter days where it's possible to enjoy yourself outside despite the cold, if you've got the constitution and mindset. My question: can I have him pasturing the cows, or are they shut up during this season? I'm a city boy and my searches have turned up studies from agricultural universities far too advanced for my simple situation.

If it's not possible for him to be out with the cows at around 3 PM on a Sunday afternoon in December 1941, I'll find another reason, I just currently have him showing the "ladies" the winter pasture. Gracias.

Searches: winter + pasture + dairy; winter + pasture + cows; Vermont + dairy + winter

Venomous Snake Bites

I've tried Google, but so far no luck.

My character is from modern day Spain. He's going to be injected with an unknown snake venom. I need him to be in the hospital for at least a week, getting progressively weaker to the point where his family thinks he's dying, but where there's an anti-venom that will save his life.

Is there a snake venom out there that can put someone in the hospital for a week without them dying?