February 29th, 2008


Mexican social customs

When: way the heck far in the future

Who: a tight-knit community of ten thousand aboard a generation ship, all descended from people from the Yucatan peninsula.

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Any information appreciated.

ETA: their religion is a mix of Roman Catholicism and the Mayan pantheon. The community reveres the MC (he's the only priest on the ship) and the sister in law twisted the arm of his assistant (sort of their deacon) to get him to do the ceremony.

I'd forgotten about the bride's parents; I might have to add some circumstances so that they would go along with this... >.>

ETA2: I'm thinking (after reading the comments) that the original situation might be too implausible to use, and showing the wedding/funeral might be better, especially in light of things that happen later.

You all have been incredibly helpful!

Anglicized Names

When: Famine-Era Ireland
Where: Western Ireland, more around the areas where Gaelic might still be spoken

Would everyone have anglicized their names by this time? Would some members of the community retain something like Ogallchobhair or would it have been Gallager by now? It is all or nothing or a personal preference? 

You've been quite helpful. Thank you guys. (And even in the courses I've been looking into taking, they call it Irish/Gaelic)

Self-Eye Removal by Hand

Okay. I have searched far and wide, using every configuration and version of the words gouge, eyes, hand, remove that I can come up with. I got a nice pamphlet on how to gouge out your own eyes, but it wasn't that helpful for doing so by hand. (No, really. Odd pamphlet.) I am also getting frequent pollution from the obvious turn of phrase. This is killing my chances, so I turn to you. You guys were very helpful with the wall-slamming.

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What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Course Outline for a Stanford Soc Major

I have a character who is a junior at Stanford in 2003. She's a sociology major who occasionally takes art classes on the side. I'm trying to figure out what classes she should or might be taking for her junior and senior years as an undergrad. I would prefer answers specific to Stanford if possible.

I have searched: Stanford Sociology "Course Schedule", Stanford Sociology "Class Schedule", SUSE Sociology "Class Schedule", Stanford Sociology Undergrad and a few other terms that I just can't remember now. I've also plowed through the Standford site until I felt like I was about to go blind only to find a few classes that are required but nothing like what I'm looking for.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't explain correctly above. I know what classes she should be taking as a Soc major, I'm looking for the order she might want to take them in. Right now as far as that goes I only know the basics, 101 freshman year, the one that says "junior/senior seminar" in junior or senior year, etc.
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Scarring and Birth Certificates

Okay, two questions.

1) Character A has a rather large diamond shaped scar on her shoulder. During a fight the scar is slashed open. How easily does scar tissue re-heal? Would it change the shape/look of the original scar? If it means anything, she's had the original scar for about fifteen years. Also, would it hurt any more/less than if it were a new wound? The setting is futuristic, but I don't know that that's even important.
googled: scar tissue, healing scar tissue, reopening scars. I get a lot of info about first time scars, but that's not what I need.

2) Switch gears to another time and place. Character B has a rotten life. He's been born and his parents don't have a name for him. What does the hospital put on his birth certificate? Do they give him a number? Write "Baby Boy"? Leave it blank? And how does the person go about actually having his name put on a birth certificate (his parents never have it done)? Is this even a possibility? The setting is modern, Upper Midwest, big city.
googled: birth certificates, birth names

EDIT: Thanks, Guys! I've got what I need!

japanese hospitals

I am currently trying (key word trying, as I am currently having a bad case of writer's block, and I only have one paragraph so far ; ;) to write an elfen lied fanfic. It is an AU-ish fic in which the character Mariko survived the explosion that was supposed  to kill her. I have a chapter set in a hospital planed out, but I am not sure which hospital would be the correct one to use.

Basicly, we are talking major mutilating injuries (In my storry, she survived only because some of the bombs had their detonators damaged, but the bombs in her legs still exploded, leading to her legs basicly being blown off) that were only survived due to the fact that she basicly managed to stop the bleeding by crushing the arteries closed with her vectors (basicly, psychic arms for those who do not know the series) while she was in shock (due to the diclonius not being able to use their vectors while in pain).

What I want to know what hospital that has a major childrens ward that can cater to major injuries is nearest to the city of kamakura. The main reason I want to know is so that I can get a better idea of how to get her to that area so that she will not be recognised as a diclonius by the authorities in kamakura. So if there is anyone who has seen the series (and also has experience with the manga, as I am making a mixed anime/manga-verse, as the leadup works better for the basic background that I need, but the later events and manga exclusive characters are needed for my story to work well, so dont worry if the possible method would conflict in a small way).

I will thank you for any help you can give me, as I realy want to get this story out, but this one part of the start is eludeing me and is making me angry.